Greenlines Gardenware/FormBoss likes things simple, easy-to-use and effective.

Greenlines Gardenware founder and CEO Gerry Boerlage is the man behind Formboss®, an industry-first garden-edging system which is incredibly easy to install, and which has become the preferred gardenedging system for most landscaping projects across Australia.

Boerlage is a lively and interesting character, still very much involved with, and passionate about, garden edging.

FormBoss – too easy

Curves are often a problem for those wanting to use steel edging, but Gerry Boerlage himself demonstrated how easy it is with Formboss. In his colourful and easygoing way he showed just how simple it can be.

Follow the steps as Gerry shows the built-for- purpose nature of Formboss…

With a two-millimetre preforming strip slipped into the 100mm x 1600mm Fromboss, Gerry braces the Formboss behind a bollard. Note the channel on the bottom. It gives the Formboss strip rigidity, while the rounded finish – instead of a sharp edge – makes it safer.


Taking a firm grip, Gerry leans back on the ends of the Formboss.


“All you have to do,” explains Gerry, “is form the radius of the curve you’re after.”


STEP 4 The Formboss can be curved to any degree in any direction.


STEP 5 Done. “Too easy!” says Gerry. Instead of using cornerpieces, a simple bend looks great and is quick and efficient to achieve with Formboss.

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