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One of the most common insurance claims Fitzpatrick is seeing are stolen tools from either job-sites, back of utes, or even being mistakenly taken by another contractor.

If your business relies on tools of your trade, we have several ways to protect your tools from being stolen, and potentially reduce your insurance premium.

1. Smart Padlocks

If you don’t want to carry another key on your already full key-rings and get sick of remembering your padlock code, there are several Bluetooth enabled padlock providers now, including MasterLock, Noké, Dog&Bone and AirBolt.

2. Microscopic Labelling with DataDots

Labelling or engraving your tools can help you recover them if they are stolen.

Another solution is microscopic labelling technology. You simply pick up an aerosol can and spray hundreds of tiny dots – called DataDots – onto your property.

3. Motion Sensing Camera

A motion sensor camera will help you catch the crook red-handed.

It’s also a deterrent if the thief sees this security.

4. GPS Tracking

With GPS tracking, you can quickly and easily track down your tools if they’re stolen.

And don’t overlook a good Business Insurance solution – whilst it will set you back the cost of the premium each year, this would be a fraction of the cost of replacing your tools and can allow you to get on with the job more quickly if all your tools are stolen.

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