Ferris® Unveils Next Generation Ride-On Powered By New Technology

Commercial mowing leader, Ferris, has revealed the ISX™ 800 Zero Turn Mower. The mower features next generation technology, including ForeFront™ Suspension, for a smoother and more productive ride-on experience.

Ferris have made their name on suspension, operator safety, and beautiful quality of cut and the ISX™ 800 continues this tradition enabling acreage to be cut comfortably and efficiently, while leaving you with a beautiful lawn.

With growing demand for heavy duty machinery that gets the job done quickly and safely, Ferris have designed the new ISX™800 to maximize productivity and minimise strain on the operator.

Smoother Ride

This new ForeFront™ suspension system is the latest innovation by Ferris, following on from its revolutionary IS® Independent Suspension. The ForeFront™ system utilises four upper and lower control rods that ensure the front caster remains vertical through the full range of travel. Paired with a premium, adjustable seat with armrests, the ISX™ 800 takes mowing comfort to the next level; ensuring you finish the mowing day feeling great.

The ForeFront™ suspension system is complemented by large 23” Drive tyres in the rear, and a top speed of up to 16km/h, allowing the ISX™ 800 to mow up to 5 acres per hour, based on 80 per cent efficiency.

Superior Cut And Powerful Performance

The new Ferris features a heavy-duty three-blade iCD™ cutting deck with 52” cutting width. The cutting deck is engineered to produce the best possible cutting performance in a multitude of conditions and works in tandem with the independent suspension to compensate for uneven terrain, ensuring a beautifully consistent cut every time. A twin belt cutting system minimises maintenance, and increases performance and belt life. Ferris back the cutter belts on the ISX™ 800 with an industry-leading 3-year limited belt warranty.

A 27hp Briggs & Stratton® Commer Series V-Twin engine with cyclonic air cleaner gives this Ferris the power to perform.

Easy Maintenance

The floor plan can be quickly and easily removed, without any tools for easy cleaning and service of the cutter deck, and the grease points on the cutter spindles can be accessed from above the cutter deck. They also feature pressure relief valves to ensure just the right amount of grease is applied.

Engine servicing is made easy, with an easily accessed oil drain point mounted above the rear bumper. Commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-3400™ transaxles are designed for high performance and are fully serviceable and the twin hydraulic tanks are mounted high, featuring large openings to minimise spills.


Safety and ergonomics are paramount to all Ferris mowers. The ISX™ 800 Zero Turn Mower features 180 degree folding ROPS, reach and height adjustable twin steering controls, foot controlled deck lift. Along with ForeFront™ suspension, Ferris really does ‘have your back’.

After Sales Support

Ferris stands by its quality engineering with a 2+2 year Limited Warranty, offering 2 year warranty with unlimited hours, plus an additional 2 years or 500 hours (whichever occurs first).

Coil-Over-Shocks and all suspension-related components are covered for 5 years (60 months), for unlimited hours.

The Extras

A number of optional accessories can be fitted to your Ferris mower, which enables you to complete your job more easily.

The Turbo Pro catcher kit is designed to clear clippings discharged through operation and minimise down-time. A mulch kit can also be fitted and is an economical and eco-conscious way to save water and promote healthy growth by mulching clippings back into the turf.

The durable headlight kit supports user operation into the night, providing greater flexibility, and trailer hitch provides added ease and support to users to tow items as required.

A canopy kit is also available and can be fitted to the ROPS to protect operators from the sun or harsh conditions.

More on Ferris

Ferris, a brand of Briggs & Stratton, has a long history of quality and innovation, building commercial products for over 100 years. Ferris is renowned for its state-of-the art equipment engineered for endurance, reliability and performance. Centring on innovation, Ferris is responsible for leading industry technology, developing the first multi-patented suspension system for the riding lawn mower. Ferris is also behind the cutting mower deck designed in harmony with suspension for greater control, perfect stripe lines and elegantly level cuts created in less time. The built-to-last ethos across the entire fleet is designed to withstand the rigours of all-day, all-week commercial duty.

Briggs & Stratton offers a range of ride-on lawn mowers utilising their professional quality engines to make large area lawn care a breeze. Durable and engineered with superior features to make mowing easier, and up to the task of cutting large acres, a ride-on lawn mower can save users both time and energy.

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To learn more on Ferris, visit www.ferrismowers.com/au

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