Ferris® SRS™ Z1 Soft Ride Stand-On Mower

The new Ferris® SRS™ Z1 Soft Ride Stand-On has been designed from the ground up for the professional landscaper.

Its compact footprint and rear discharge 36” mower deck allow the operator to work in tight spaces, without the worries of thrown objects associated with the usual side discharge design. This efficient package also provides the opportunity for full turn-around on trailers and requires minimal storage space, making the SRS Z1 ideal for transporting between jobs.

The SRS Z1 is fitted with commercial quality ZT-3400 transmissions by Hydro-Gear, and a Kawasaki FX600 series engine, ensuring it can handle the harsh conditions of large area professional use day in, day out. The intelligent design gives the operator the visibility and agility needed to navigate tight spaces, including suburban yards, median strips, and memorial gardens.

When facing a larger area of grass, this machine will handle the job with ease. Integrated forward and reverse levers feature stabiliser bars, and an easy locking 3-position speed control setting is conveniently located and requires no tools to match your speed to the operating conditions. Turf friendly 23” drive tyres and 13” flat free castor tyres give a ground speed that is infinitely variable up to 12.8km/h, and a large 23 litre fuel tank with fuel gauge means less stops to fuel up during the day.

As you would expect from Ferris, operator comfort is always considered. The adjustable operator platform, featuring suspension technology, optimises comfort by providing a smoother ride over rugged ground. The operator is positioned on top of the rear axle, exactly in the centre of the machine’s turning point, ensuring the body picking up less momentum from turns. And the comfortable thigh pad is bolstered on both sides to ensure a comfortable and secure ride.

The clever design of the SRS Z1 continues with the cutter deck, standard twin offset mulching blades provide a clean 36” cut, and a factory fitted half height rear baffle assists with mulching performance, minimising visible grass clippings. An optional full height rear baffle is available to convert the cutting deck to dedicated mulching. Cutting height is adjustable in inch increments from ¼” to 4 ½”. The cutting blade PTO works with the stand on design allowing for quick operator exit and re-entry. The blades will automatically disengage when the operator leaves the platform, for safety. To restart the blades and continue mowing, the operator needs to simply step back onto the platform and reengage the PTO switch.

When it comes to maintenance, the SRS Z1 features a two stage industrial air cleaner, easy to use oil drain, fully serviceable transmissions, and greasable spindle bearings for long life.

The Ferris SRS Z1 is a versatile, commercial grade machine that will allow professional operators to save time and money, while delivering a great result. The SRS Z1 is available from Ferris Dealers nationwide from September.

For more information please visit www.ferrismowers.com.au

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