Energy Flex 42V ST S18 Lawnmower

Maintain your lawn to perfection with the powerful, battery-operated Energy Flex steel lawnmower by Masport.

This mower allows mowing to be done effortlessly by hand without the hassle of cords, thus allowing the user to manoeuvre freely in tight spaces. Convenient and easy to use, simply insert the battery into the mower, push the start button, and pull the bail to begin kicking grass.

Featuring load sensing technology, the motor adapts to the cutting conditions, sensing grass thickness and optimising power requirements for the best quality of cut, balancing power and maximising runtimes through intelligent and efficient energy use. Thanks to its side discharge feature Smartchute®, which produces a clean spread of clippings as you mow, your lawn is left looking picturesque.

With an industry leading, heavy-duty 22mm steel drive shaft that  provides superior strength, this mower is built to  tackle demanding tasks. Featuring camlocks for quick unfastening of the handle so that it can easily fold up or down, the mower can be conveniently stored and transported.

The soft grip on the upturned upper handle provides extra comfort so that the user can mow for longer periods, all while minimising fatigue on the hands and body. Mow even easier with the large 8” x 8” dual bearing wheels, which provides effortless pushing and manoeuvrability.

Powered by the Energy Flex lithium-ion battery, this mower produces zero emissions and has a quieter operation compared to other petrol-powered mowers. Furthermore, the battery offers complete flexibility in the garden because it fits into all the other garden tools within the Energy Flex range, providing you with convenience of use as you can easily switch tools and begin starting a new job within seconds.

All Energy Flex products are backed by a four year product warranty, whilst the battery and battery charger are backed by a three year warranty, providing peace of mind and a long service life.

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