Empire Digital Level

Levels a new level of accuracy

Empire is no stranger to the levelling game and pride themselves on producing the most accurate levels possible, accurate to 0.5mm/m in fact. Their range has taken the next step to now include the industry’s first auto-calibrated digital levels, available in three sizes: 400mm, 600mm and 1200mm.

These digital levels come with an array of features that make them the perfect tool for a wide range of jobs that a landscaper or other tradies may encounter. From the simple auto calibration feature – meaning there is no need to manually set it up every time you turn it on, just turn it on and go to work – to the more detailed features like the percentage or degree fall measuring functions. Which as the name suggests will allow you to measure the percentage or degree of fall of a slope with ease, whether that is a drainage pipe, an access ramp or a hand rail. Meaning jobs like measuring the fall angle on a gutter can be done with complete accuracy, as well as the more standard features you’d expect in a digital level.

The Empire Digital Levels come with seven measuring modes, which include:

  • Metric (millimetres)
  • Inches (decimal and fractions)
  • Degrees (single digit, one decimal place and two decimal places)
  • Percentage fall (percentage)

It’s one thing to say a level is jam packed full of useful features, but the below innovations Empire has put into their digital levels speak for themselves.

  • Dual LCD Display with the Largest Display in the industry, including Top Display for working overhead and the illuminated/backlit display allows for working in low light conditions
  • Direction arrows show which way to find level
  • Inspect Mode, which allows you to repeat measurements or change between two measurements
  • Three stage back lit button
  • Audio Indicator assists to find level when the screen is not visible
  • Hold Function for freezing values in place when required
  • Freezing, Fast, tool-free removable end caps for when a straight edge is needed

All Empire True Blue® digital levels are backed with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and vials as well as a one year warranty on electronics.

So, no matter the job, use an Empire True Blue® Digital Level to ensure you’re always at your level best. Available at Bunnings Warehouse

For more information, check out http://empiretools.com.au
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