Elegance and eloquence

Elegance and eloquence are highlights for Lynne Testoni as The Landscape Association presents a charming garden constructed to seamlessly integrate with the architecture of the home.

Elegance and eloquence can be difficult to include in a new garden while making it seem to be well established – building something that looks to have been in place for some time. This award-winning project, called ‘Waverley’, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, has used clever planting and sympathetic construction techniques to create an elegant solution to this challenge.

As part of the build, Eloquent Landscapes incorporated mature trees, ornamental plants, ground covers, perennials, mature palms, and screening plants into the garden design.

The company won Residential Construction of the Year Award as well as Gold Medal and Best in Category for Waverley in the category of Residential Construction $150,000 to $350,000.

The judges commented that the garden was built to a very high standard of workmanship, executed and installed well, demonstrated by the health and vigour of the plants.

Many design elements were included in the plan of the garden, allowing the owners to enjoy their outdoor space year-round, as well as provide for a multitude of entertaining areas.

The garden was built to a very high standard of workmanship. Image: TLA

Site challenge

The site posed unique constraints. The original landscaping was very basic and was predominately turf in the backyard with small garden beds, an unfinished pool and a front yard with one feature tree. The limited space available demanded careful consideration of material placement, machinery manoeuvring, and logistics planning. The Eloquent team worked with the layout, ensuring efficient movement of equipment and materials while maximising the use of available space. The topography of the land added an additional layer of complexity.

The team embraced the natural contours and slopes to create an engaging and visually stunning landscape. Through careful grading, terracing, and retaining walls, Eloquent transformed the challenging topography into an asset, crafting beautiful transitions and captivating focal points.

The garden is also located across the road from a local school, which added extra complexity to the build. The team had to orchestrate a road closure in collaboration with the council, traffic control authorities, and the NSW police to access the site.

Mature trees were included as part of the landscape construction of this Eastern suburbs home to make the new garden seem established.
Image: TLA

Design elements

1. Mature Trees: strategically placed mature trees provide shade, add a sense of maturity, and create a lush atmosphere within the garden
2. Architectural integration: the landscape design seamlessly connects to the architectural style of the home, complementing its aesthetic and enhancing the overall visual appeal
3. Barbecue area: a dedicated concrete bench houses the barbecue and fridge, incorporating functional features and materials that harmonise with the overall design
4. Paved areas: thoughtfully designed paved areas create pathways and connections between the indoor and outdoor spaces, ensuring smooth transitions and a cohesive design
5. Pool Integration: the existing pool was integrated into the landscape design, ensuring it blends well with the surrounding garden elements, such as plantings, paving, and seating areas
6. Ornamental plants, ground covers, and perennials: planting throughout adds colour, texture, and visual interest to the garden, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere
7. Mature palms and cactus: the addition of mature plants contributes to the look of an established garden, evoking a sense of timelessness
8. Screening plants: strategic placement of screening plants provide privacy and create natural barriers, enhancing the seclusion and intimacy of the outdoor spaces
9. Potted plants: balconies and elevated areas are enhanced with carefully chosen potted plants, adding a touch of greenery and beauty to these spaces
10. Fully automatic irrigation system: an efficient and fully automatic irrigation system was installed to ensure optimal watering of plants, conserving water and simplifying maintenance
11. Garden lighting: thoughtfully designed garden lighting illuminates key features, pathways, and seating areas, creating an enchanting ambience and extending the usability of the outdoor space into the evening hours
12. Outdoor entertainment: the design incorporates an outdoor TV and stereo system, providing a seamless integration of entertainment options and allowing the owners to enjoy their favourite shows, movies, and music while surrounded by the beauty of nature, and
13. Outdoor furniture: comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture was selected, offering the owners a space to relax, dine, and entertain while enjoying the beauty and tranquillity of their garden.

Crazy paving surrounds the pool area, adding a touch of whimsy as well as practicality. Image: TLA

Award-winning team

As well as winning Residential Construction of the Year Award, Gold Medal and Best in Category for ‘Waverley’ in the category Residential Construction $150,000 to $350,000, Eloquent Landscapes also won the following awards at the 2023 Landscape Excellence Awards for some of their other projects, including:
• Gold and Best in Category – Residential Construction $350,000 – $600,000
• 1 x Silver Medals – Residential Construction $100k-$150k • 2 x Silver Medals – Residential Construction $150k – $350k • 2 x Silver Medals – Residential Construction $350,000 – $600,000
• 1 x Silver Medal – Maintenance Residential Up to 1000m2
• 4 x Bronze Medals – Residential Design 80m2 to 200m2
• 1 x Bronze Medal – Maintenance Residential Up to 1000m2
• 1 x Bronze Medal – Residential Construction $150,000 to $350,000.

Eloquent Landscapes established a seamless connection between different areas of the backyard by utilising two types of pavers: Luca Crazypave and Luca Filletti. Image: TLA

About the Landscape Excellence Awards

The Landscape Associations (TLA’s) annual Landscape Excellence Awards celebrate the very highest standards and achievement in Landscape Construction, Design and Maintenance, both in the Residential and Commercial sectors. Recognising innovation, creativity and outstanding craftsmanship, the Awards are the highest accolades in the industry.

To keep up the TLA’s activities and awards, log on to landscapeassociation.com.au.

Image: TLA


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