Electricity bill rebates for small businesses in 2024/25

Electricity bill rebates will be available to all Australian households and eligible small business electricity customers in 2024-25.

The Australian Government is providing $3.5 billion to extend and expand the Energy Bill Relief Fund and provide electricity bill rebates to all Australian households and eligible small business electricity customers in 2024-25 to ease cost of living pressures. This builds on the $1.5 billion available for energy rebates provided by the Commonwealth in 2023-24 under the existing fund.

All Australian households will receive electricity bill rebates of $300 rebate and eligible small businesses $325 from the Australian Government, to be paid in quarterly instalments on electricity bills throughout 2024-25.

State and territory governments will administer the rebates and deliver the payments through retailers. More information on how rebates will be applied to bills will be released before July1, 2024.


Small businesses must meet their state and territory definition of electricity ‘small customer’, as determined by their annual electricity consumption threshold, to be eligible for a $325 annual rebate. The annual electricity consumption threshold for state and territory small customers is provided below.

Image: Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

Small businesses whose annual electricity consumption is above the threshold set by their state and territory government will not be eligible for bill relief.

Eligible small businesses will receive their energy bill rebate automatically and won’t be required to take any further action.

Check details and see more detailed information at energy.gov.au.

Image: Energy Australia
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