EGO’s ‘Sports Mowed’ Z6 riding mower just outclassed itself

It was already the world’s leading battery powered riding mower, outperforming petrol without the noise, fuss or fumes. Now, EGO is about to take ultra-performance to the next level with the new Z6 107cm E-STEER™ Stamped Deck and 132cm Lap Bar Fabricated Deck models. If you need to step up your lawn-care game, look no further.

Time to switch gears

It’s not just a new way to mow. It’s a new way to drive. The new 107cm Z6 with E-STEER™ puts revolutionary features in the palm of your hands. Now you’ll have the added precision of a steering wheel which lets you handle any turf with ease. And most importantly, it’s a whole lot of fun.

On the front you’ll find a backlit LED screen which allows control of a whole host of functions at the push of a button, including driving and blade speeds. You’ll also find the power-status indicator up top too, so you won’t have to stop what you’re doing to check your Z6’s battery life.

On the back, there’s two rear paddles. It’s the kind of detail that really puts the sports in ‘Sports Mowed’, allowing you to switch into reverse with ease. And if it’s a lazy Sunday, there’s a cruise-control mode too. Just turn it on and let your Z6 handle the rest.

The Z6 E-STEER™ features four independent brushless motors powered by four 12.0Ah 56V ARC Lithium™ batteries. That’s the equivalent of a 22-horsepower engine and enough juice to comfortably cut up to two acres of lawn. Better yet, it can hold up to six batteries for an extra boost. EGO calls it Peak Power™ performance.

Sometimes bigger is better

Some backyards demand a bit more than others. That’s why EGO is also introducing the 132cm Lap Bar Fabricated Deck model. With welded steel as opposed to a pressed plate, it’s perfect for tackling the kind of yard other ride-on mowers just can’t seem to get around.

Stepping up from the standard four brushless motors, the 132cm Lap Bar Fabricated Deck Z6 has five, which puts it up against a 25-horsepower engine. It really packs a punch. And with a 30% bigger cutting blade, it’ll make quick work of grass, shrubs, bark and just about anything else you throw at it.

The added precision of a steering wheel with a backlit LED screen which allows control of a whole host of functions at the push of a button.
Welcome to the family

It goes without saying that no two backyards are the same. That’s why all Z6 models feature a complete zero-turn radius with 10 cutting-height positions, ranging from 25mm to 100mm. All that grass can either be mulched or side discharged, and if you need a cleaner finish, there’s a bagging kit sold separately too. No need to stop. Just ride on.

Of course, each Z6 has been designed to cover a fair amount of ground, and you’ll have three driving modes at your discretion. The control and standard functions let you manage your power output to suit the job at hand. And the sports mode? We’ll let you figure that one out for yourself.

You won’t be waiting to re-charge all day either. The Z6’s 1600W charger is the industry’s fastest, topping up four 10.0Ah batteries in two hours and four 12.0Ah batteries in under three. And when you’re running low on charge, the Z6 will direct you to the nearest battery bay – which will probably be in your garage. Clever, isn’t it?

On that topic, every Z6 has world-first compatible rider technology, which means it uses the same batteries as every other EGO tool. So, when you’re done with the lawn, pop open the battery bay and power up your EGO Blower, Chainsaw or Line Trimmer, then get stuck into the rest.

There’s a few extra bells and whistles too. Like adjustable seat suspension for total comfort, front, side and rear LED lights, charging port, cupholders and IPX4 weather-resistant construction. Rain, hail or shine, there’s not much that can get in the way of a Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower.

Peak Power+™ Technology combines
the power of up to six EGO 56V ARC
Lithium™ batteries to deliver the power
and performance of a petrol mower.
Spoilt for choice

Out of the box, you’ll have your Z6 model of choice, mulching plug, four 12.0Ah batteries for new models or four 10.0Ah batteries for the standard, and a wall-mounted charger. There’s a domestic five-year product and three-year battery/charger warranty, too. We’ve got you covered.

It’s about time you leave petrol in the dust where it belongs. Order your new Z6 today and jump on the world’s most awarded cordless battery platform. You’ll never look back.

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The z6 is perfect for tackling the
kind of yard other ride-on mowers
just can’t seem to get around.


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