EGO Z6 Zero-Turn Riding Mower

The EGO brand has gained popularity in the commercial market with many contractors choosing to use their handheld landscape maintenance equipment and walk behind mowers. The new EGO Z6 Zero-Turn Riding Mower is the latest in the EGO line up and although it is designed for domestic use, I can see why it’s popular with contractors.

There are four independent 56V brushless motors to power the drive and cutting (two drive/two cutting) and the capability of powering them with six batteries. The Z6 will run on a minimum of two (15Ah total) of the 56V ARC lithium batteries – four are supplied with the machine but having six will ensure even longer runtimes. To my surprise a productive 2 acres can be cut on a single charge (40Ah) with four batteries and up to 3 acres with six 10.0Ah batteries. Also attractive is the fastest charge time in the industry with the 1600W fast charger taking only two hours for a complete replenishment of depleted batteries supplied. The fast charger plugs into a port on the side of the mower so the batteries don’t need to be removed, although they can be removed and charged separately if required. A weatherproof hinged hood lifts effortlessly to gain access to the batteries, which sit where the engine would be on a conventional zero-turn.

The EGO Z6’s power is comparable to a 22hp petrol machine and with this in mind, the 107cm (42-inch) cutting width is a good choice and pairs nicely; any larger cut would be too much in my opinion. The 107cm (42-inch) pressed deck can side discharge, mulch (plug included) or catch with an optional extra rear bagger kit available.

Operator comfort is good with an adjustable air ride suspension seat, arm rests, and a handy weatherproof storage box with USB port is located to the left of the operator. To the right is a phone holder, key, start button, blade engagement and the all-important large LED control panel, which is loaded with information and functions.

Battery supplied 4 x 10Ah 56V
Battery capacity Holds up to 6 x 56V ARC Lithium
Motor type 4 Independent Brushless Motors
Cutting width 107cm (42 inches)
Ground speed5-13km/h
Cutting height 25-100mm (10 positions)

The EGO Z6 has three operation modes: Control, Standard and Sport, which can be changed with the press of a button. When the Control mode is activated, the manoeuvrability is slow and controlled, which is great for operators just starting out or for loading onto trailers, although when performing a tight turn the machine virtually stops for a second mid-turn. Standard mode steps it up a notch with more responsive and faster controls, similar to a conventional zero-turn. Sport mode changes the feel again with light and super responsive controls – this was my favourite once I was used to the machine’s capabilities. Each mode has four drive speeds and four blade speeds so the operator can adjust accordingly to suit conditions, terrain, grass length and ability. With Sport mode activated and maximum drive and blade speed I was able to quickly cut reasonably long grass to a neat, even finish. Cutting like this will obviously reduce run times because there is a huge difference compared to the more conservative modes.

Cutting heights vary from 25mm-100mm over 10 positions with a one-handed adjustment lever that easily moved between positions, although I did find it difficult to see the desired height settings from the operators position without stretching a long way forward. It is worth noting that the Australian delivered machines have been made with this 25mm low cut height to suit us, whereas the American delivered machines have a higher minimum cut height; nice to see EGO respecting the needs of the Australian market.

Front, side and rear LED lights, (32 in total) ensure the operator has excellent vision in low light situations as well as improving operator safety, ensuring the mower/ operator can be easily seen by others.

The EGO Z6 Zero-Turn Riding Mower performed well and is suited to small acreage domestic use and small light commercial use. Warranty varies with a 5-year tool/3-year battery warranty for domestic purchases and a 1-year tool and battery warranty for commercial purchases.

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