EGO Loaded With Power

In a world first for garden lovers, and new to the Australian market – EGO™ introduces a line trimmer with Powerload™ technology.

This new outdoor power equipment, already a winner of many globalawards for innovation, is the fi rst ever line trimmer tool with a fully automatic line reloading system. Powerload™ removes the need for the fi ddly and frustrating process of loading new line – a problem that anyone who has used a garden line trimmer is all too familiar with.

To load the EGO Power+ ST1520E-S Line Trimmer featuring Powerload™ technology, users simply insert the trimmer line through the head of the tool. After a push on its green activation button, the automatic reloading system then perfectly winds the line onto the spool in less than eight seconds… and it’s ready to go!

With up to a 30-minute use on the smallest of EGO’s batteries, the 2.5Ah, the ST1520E-S can do an average garden on a single charge. This new model (supplied with 2.5Ah battery and charger) retails at $499. Like all EGO products, the ST1520E-S – Power+ Line Trimmer featuring Powerload™ technology uses a 56-volt ARC Lithium battery, engineered to match or surpass the performance of petrol powered outdoor power equipment.

The EGO Power+ Line Trimmer featuring Powerload™ technology is available in all EGO Dealers.

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