EGO Cordless Top Handle Chainsaw (CSX3000)

If you are an Arborist that is tired of blaring petrol chainsaws in your ears over the decades, then this review on the EGO cordless top handle chainsaw (CSX3000) could just be the best thing you have been waiting for.

Looking at the list of features incorporated into this electric chainsaw from a performance, ergonomics and safety angle, I can see why this powerful yet compact saw will be the way of the future. Features including a high-efficiency brushless motor, electronic and mechanical clutch chain brake and a variable speed trigger together with minimal fluids required (bar oil) make this chainsaw one remarkable machine. What’s impressive is that the chainsaw is durable with the lack of need to service and maintain.

The 300mm (30cm) bar length is the perfect size for pruning and cutting, and as you can see, this tidy little unit is a lot more capable on solid barrels and branch sections than its compact size would suggest.

The battery system itself is interesting, with a harness that is mounted and strapped to your tool belt. Straps then secure it further in place. With the concept being that the harness remains in place whilst only the battery is needed to be removed and changed when required.

56V ARC LI-ION battery
In the battery department (56V) ARC LI-ION battery which powers the EGO Cordless Top Handle Chain Saw (CSX3000), there are some unique features that stand out. We were provided with two batteries, one being larger in size and capacity at 5Ah and a more compact and lighter 2.5Ah.

These ARC batteries place the cells in an innovative arc shape which keeps the battery producing a considerable amount of power and temperatures low. An easy to see, in-use LED gauge displays remaining battery power, along with a power management system preventing over-discharging and extending battery life. A unique Keep Cool Cell technology prevents overheating and caps off a solid list of features.

Yannick Guezou from the Tree Frog
To test the EGO Cordless Top Handle Chain Saw (CSX3000) and battery system, we recruited the help of Yannick Guezou, owner of Tree Frog Tree Services, a long-term Arborist who has been in the game for over three decades. After having used the EGO for over four months, Yannick shared, “I have been using the EGO electric climbing chainsaw for about four months now. The saw is quite powerful and does not struggle to cut through larger pieces of timber. It is also a lot quieter than your standard petrol-powered chainsaw, which makes it a lot easier to communicate with your ground crew on-site to give instructions. There are plenty of positive features included in this chainsaw. The chainsaw is very light, making it easier to reach those hard to get branches, and it is also well-balanced when you are out on a limb. The trigger is easier to press, and there is minimum vibration while cutting, which is a huge plus if you are using it all day. The saw strap is reasonably stiff, which is good as it doesn’t get caught up in the saw while you are cutting along with providing a valued safety feature. The saw strap doubles as the power connection to the battery which also adds to the features in this fantastic unit. The 56V ARC batteries are a decent size. We had two, the larger 5Ah and the smaller 2.5 Ah. The 5 Ah was best suited to groundwork, while the lighter 2.5Ah was more suited to climbing. The weight of the battery is barely noticeable after using the saw for a short while.”

Yannick continued, “The long-life battery means you don’t need to worry about swapping over battery packs while you are working unless, of course, you are on a big job, and a lot of cutting is required. This unit should get over two hundred cuts per charge which is great. The chainsaw is most suitable for dead wooding jobs and pruning jobs. Overall, I think the chain saw is impressive, and I would recommend it if you are in the market for a terrific battery-powered saw.”

The Wrap-up
With EGO’s commitment to the needs of their users, it is really exciting to see a product like this in the industry that is only going to continue to evolve and improve, with so many benefits and removing the need and dependency on petrol-powered equipment in the industry.

For more information visit or call the team at EGO on 1300 000 EGO (346).

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