Egardens Online Plant Nursery

Primarily a retail online plant nursery selling landscaping plants, however Egardens also provide plant sourcing, which means that whatever plant variety you are after, Egardens do their best to find it for you in the size and quantities you require.

Whilst Egardens work largely with the general public, they also help landscapers and the like to source the plants that they require. It can be a very time-consuming process ringing around a mass of different suppliers trying to source what you need, so Egardens take all that hard work away from you and lets you focus on your core business.

Over many years in the industry, Egardens have a large network of excellent growers that they use to supply plants to their customers all over the East Coast of Australia from Queensland down to South Australia.

They are also happy to service other parts of Australia, however there can be limitations on what can be sourced elsewhere. Egardens however can freight interstate when required using specialised plant transporters that can safely transport plants from state to state.

Egardens can supply a wide range of plant sizes from small pots up to 400L as well as larger advanced trees. They also have the capacity to supply large quantities of plants from small to very large projects. If they cannot get the numbers required from one grower alone, then they can source from multiple growers in order to fulfil the requirement.

On a recent job Egardens sourced and supplied 300 Lavender plants in five different Lavender varieties from five different Sydney growers. They were able to arrange the freight to pick up from each supplier and deliver everything to the site address. From start to finish, Egardens managed and organised the entire process.

Egardens have access to 1000s of plant varieties. Not everything that Egardens are able to source and supply is listed on their website because there are just far too many varieties to list, so the most popular varieties are listed. As long as there are growers in Australia growing the variety you are after, Egardens are confident they are able to source it.

For more information visit or call 0411 435 314.

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