Edging Forever

EverEdges steel edging creates and maintains a definitive and long lasting barrier between any two elements in the garden – lawn, path, bed or pavers.

When separating any two elements in the garden you cannot go past steel. Mild steel garden edging works well in all soils. It holds a perfect straight line and will also incorporate any curve or angle.

EverEdge flexible steel garden edging is perfectly suited to all landscaping projects whatever their size. Made from 1.6 mm mild steel (90 per cent recycled) it is quick and simple to install – just hammered directly into the ground using the spikes that are part of the metre lengths. Each length very simply slots into the next – there are no extra pins, pegs or joiners.

It is simple to form any curve or angle by hand with EverEdge; no special tools are needed. However, for the tighter curves in the largest 125 mm depth EverEdge is also available in pre curved rings. Two pieces makes a circle of 60mm diameter and three pieces makes a circle of 900mm diameter. The 900mm diameter curved pieces can also be expanded to make a 120mm diameter circle (four pieces) or a 1500mm diameter circle (five pieces).

EverEdge garden rings can be used to make a circular edge around trees, statues, water features and garden beds. They allow young trees and shrubs to become established. The rings prevent grass runners invading the area around the tree; they keep in mulch and provide protection from mowing damage and soil compaction around the roots. The lengths are simply joined together using the coach bolts provided which are then inserted through the pre-drilled holes.

EverEdge, produced in the galvanised and powder coated finish is available in black or brown and in three different depths – 75mm, 100mm and 125mm. The 75mm depth is generally used to edge paths or driveways, where no grass is involved, whilst the 100mm and 125mm depths are used for edging lawns and flower beds particularly where grass runners are involved. When 30mm of the actual edge, as well as the spikes are hammered into the ground, it creates an effective barrier that will stop the runners invading paths or garden beds.

EverEdge in the Cor-Ten finish is available in the 100mm and 125mm depths. It takes four weeks for the rust finish to fully develop and then it stops rusting and will not deteriorate further (unlike other steel). The colour also does not leak into white pebbles or concrete finishes.

EverEdge is distributed Australia wide via courier or through local stockists. All details on the website www.everedge.com.au

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