EcoTeq Zero Emission Solutions

EcoTeq is proud to be at the forefront, dispelling the myth of green compromise with their range of robust electric commercial zero turn mowers.

Power up your performance with EcoTeq Electric Commercial Zero Turn Mowers
Since the late 19th Century, we have been conditioned to view the combustion engine as the leading mechanism to power any kind of machine—from aircraft to passenger vehicles to motorised equipment.

We are at a time in history that is comparable to the turn of the last century, where cars were seen as the future and would replace the old horse-and-cart. In the coming years, electric vehicles and equipment will replace their fossil-fuelled rivals.

EcoTeq is proud to be at the forefront, dispelling the myth of green compromise with their range of robust electric commercial zero turn mowers. Manufactured by Mean Green in the US on the back of more than a decade of research and development, EcoTeq’s range deliver maximum power coupled with low noise and zero emissions.

Performance has evolved. Zero emissions. No compromise.
In energy terms, electric motors convert electricity to motion three times more efficiently than internal-combustion engines do with petrol. In most cases, electric motors perform much better than their combustion-powered equivalents. Electric motors experience:
• increased levels of torque
• longer run-times
• reduced maintenance costs of around 70 per cent
• a significant decrease in fuel costs of around 90 per cent

EcoTeq’s range of Mean Green mowers deliver class-leading torque, battery life and durability across the range. Meaning you can cover more ground quicker than ever before.

Purpose-built from the ground up, EcoTeq’s mowers are 100 per cent electric; not converted from heavier petrol or diesel models. They are constructed with a corrosion-resistant, lightweight aircraft alloy, which means they require less power to move, delivering faster speeds of up to 18.5km per hour, and the battery life to power you through a full day’s work.

EcoTeq VANQUISH: Low noise + High agility
Super quiet and manoeuvrable with up to 10 acres of continuous mowing on a single battery charge

Engineered for outstanding endurance and manoeuvrability, the EcoTeq VANQUISH is an electric mower built for all-day professional use with cutting widths of 52″ or 60″.

With super low noise levels of just 78 decibels, it is no louder than light suburban traffic – allowing teams to start earlier and cover more ground with less disturbances.

The advanced Impulse Drive System (IDS)™ outputs the equivalent of a 37hp diesel engine, making it competitive with any conventionally fuelled mower in its class. Coupled with a lightweight aircraft alloy construction, it also requires less power to move around which equates to faster speeds (up to 18.5kmh) and longer run times.

VANQUISH delivers seven and half hours of continuous mowing – up to 10 acres – on a single integrated battery charge, making it the ideal choice for maintaining mid-sized public spaces.

EcoTeq RIVAL: High versatility + Operator comfort
All-day performance and comfort with up to 15 acres of continuous mowing on a single battery charge

Engineered for power, versatility, stability and comfort, the EcoTeq RIVAL is an excellent all-round choice for community mowing needs.

The 100 per cent electric Impulse Drive System™ produces horsepower comparable to a 36hp gas mower and maximum speeds of 18kmh – with low noise and zero emissions.

Operable with your choice of a 52″ or 60″.deck, each charge delivers up to seven hours of continuous run time allowing crews to mow up to 15 acres per shift.

EcoTeq RIVAL also features an ergonomically designed customisable highback suspension seat to ensure optimum operator safety and comfort levels at all times.

EcoTeq EVO: Maximum power + Maximum coverage
Outstanding performance for large areas with up to 30 acres of mowing on a single battery charge

The flagship mower in the EcoTeq range, EVO is engineered to make light work of maintaining even the largest public spaces.

Powered by our patented 100 per cent electric Impulse Drive System™, the EVO delivers best-in-class horsepower comparable to a 37hp diesel mower, allowing it to operate safely at speeds of up to 21kmh.

Coupled with its expansive 74″ deck and up to 8 hours of run time, it allows your crews to mow 20-30 acres on a standard shift.

If you want a quiet, low maintenance, zero emission mower capable of cutting large areas all day long, day after day, put EVO at the top of your list.

Make the transition today
The era of green compromise is over. Don’t be left with the horse and cart of the 21st Century. Get ahead of the curve and plan your transition to EcoTeq electric today.

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