ECHO CSG-7410ES Concrete Cutter

There are several reasons why you should spend five minutes properly reading this review on the ECHO CSG-7410ES Concrete Cutter. The first is that it produces the highest cutting torque in its class, which in turn delivers exceptional grunty performance. The second and third reasons are its high-power, 73.5cc, 2-stroke commercial- grade engine, and the advanced 4 stage air filter, which ensures all that power and torque continues to run smoothly and effortlessly over the lifetime of this impressive tool.

I figured the advanced 4 stage air filter was the right place to start because this is leading-edge technology. So basically, it starts with the air injection air cleaner (which is kind of like a turbo) that spins using centrifugal force to remove dust and debris from the air. Any remaining particles and air is then sent into the air cyclone that further removes any dust and debris before routing air through the paper filter, which also contains a fine mesh filter at the very bottom capturing any remaining minute particles before air enters the carburettor.

It’s A Powerhouse

A new engine is also worthy of a mention. The 73.5cc, 2-stroke engine chrome plated cylinder and patented Kaniboron piston plating provide friction reduction as well as superior wear and heat resistance.

A two-ring piston offers a gas-tight seal with the cylinder, which is essential in high compression engines and ensures max power. A magnesium crankcase keeps things light and provides extra  strength.

The CSG-7410ES has the highest  cutting torque in its class due to its 2.6:1 drive ratio. The higher the ratio, the more torque is developed at the wheel. All that torque is provided to the cutter by an easily adjustable ribbed belt, designed to minimise slippage and lessen the chance of getting the blade bogged down.

When it was time to fire up the ECHO I will admit when it first came out of the box, and we filled it with 50:1 2-stroke, it didn’t fire up straight away as is often the case with mechanical items on their very first fire up. However, after half a dozen pulls of the cord and making sure the throttle was correctly set, it was up and running like a dream. From that point on, it started first  go every time. Some nice touches were the momentary switch, which automatically returns the stop switch to the ON position once the machine is shut down, and the automatic fast idle, which sets the throttle to the optimum starting position when the choke is applied.

Cutting Up The Driveway

In our actual testing, we decided to cut the worst out of a cracked and split driveway. The CSG-7410ES did a quality job on working through the 13m or so of cutting we had to get through. The driveway had some pretty thick sections in parts, but the power was evident from the get-go as well as the ergonomics of the handles and overall design of the tool, including the reversible blade arm, which means you can cut right up to obstacles, should the need arise. It was comfortable and easy to use with intuitive controls and a well thought-out design.

Weighing in with a dry weight of 10.7kg and capable of taking a 350mm blade with 20, 22 or 25.4mm arbours, you will get roughly 40-45 minutes of constant use per tank as the tank holds 700ml of fuel and the fuel consumption at max engine power is 2.1 L/h.

It was pushing 40 degrees when we tested the ECHO, and it became pretty clear that the ECHO wasn’t going to miss a beat and the weak link in the chain was going to be me, sweating like a mad man during the test.

All in all, I really couldn’t fault the ECHO CSG-7410ES Concrete Cutter. There was a second when it first came out of the box that I thought it didn’t want to turn over, but once it started for the first time, it performed like a dream. The standard metal water kit prevents dust from entering the engine, and along with the 4-stage air filtration system this engine is thoroughly protected from harmful dust ingestion.

This concrete cutter would be a great addition to the kit for a landscaper who is looking for tools and equipment they can depend on.

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