Easy installations

Enjoy installation convenience and matched precipitation without hassles with the new K-Rain RPS Select gear-drive sprinkler.

The RPS Select gear-drive sprinkler is the first gear-driven sprinkler that makes matched precipitation fast and easy, without the need for cumbersome changing of nozzles or sprinkler heads in the field.  Clearly marked adjustments on the head make installations and setting up spray arcs during service calls a breeze.

While many gear driven sprinklers are supplied with only a single factory-installed nozzle, the RPS Select offers a choice of four selectable built-in nozzles that offer precise watering options. The sprinkler features an adjustable arc between 40° and 360°. Selecting the correct nozzle to match the arc setting of the sprinkler is as simple as twisting the built-in dial on top of the sprinkler with a flat-head screwdriver.  The dials are made from hardened plastic with deep slots that allow for numerous adjustments without wear and tear. All adjustments are conveniently made from the top of the sprinkler and you can do them wet or dry without needing to dig out around the sprinkler base. There is no need to carry spray nozzle trees or specialised tools to adjust the spray arc or replace nozzles, which means less delays during installs and faster service calls.

You can rely on the RPS Select during service calls with four on-board nozzles making it a direct replacement for the Hunter PGP sprinkler, and a convenient universal replacement sprinkler for other brands.

With a watering radius of 7.6-14m and a flow rate range of 4.5-23.1 litres/min, this versatile sprinkler can be used in almost any landscape situation, even in lower pressure systems. K-Rain RPS Select features the proven water-lubricated gear-drive design common to the popular K-Rain RPS 75 Series. A large dirty-water screen is also available for compatibility with reclaimed and recycled water sources.  A standard hard rubber cover protects the top of the sprinkler from foot traffic.

A five-year warranty offers you and your clients peace of mind and a product they can reply on. Now you have the opportunity to make your installs and service calls more efficient and provide your clients with the greenest lawns.


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