Dual 18V Brushless 230mm Angle Grinder

The power and flexibility to get creative

Think of all the tough jobs that you can tackle with a 230mm (9-inch) corded grinder, but without the hassle of a cord, or having to find outdoor power, or worrying about dragging extension leads through water or across wet or muddy construction sites.

The new AEG Dual 18V Brushless 230mm Angle Grinder has all the performance of a corded tool you rely on for concrete cuts, trimming and cutting pavers and blocks, shaping rocks for garden features and grinding large metal surfaces.

It runs on one or two 18V batteries, so if one battery goes flat, the other one will keep your grinder going, which in effect, doubles your run time and delivers extra grunt when and where you need it.


Engineered with the latest brushless motor technology for more power and longer run times, the AEG Dual 18V Angle Grinder can tackle even the toughest jobs.

As well as the extra power, the grinder has built-in safety features, including an electronic blade brake that utilises an anti-kickback shutdown feature, a tool-free guard, and anti-vibration handles that reduce fatigue and allow you to work for longer. It also has a rotating rear handle to ensure you stay in total control.

Don’t be restricted by the length of your power cord. Get the new Dual 18V Brushless 230mm Angle Grinder from AEG and make your mark as a tradesman.

Available at Bunnings Warehouse.

For more information visit http://www.aegpowertools.com.au
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