Draft nature strip landscaping guidelines

A Victorian council wants to hear thoughts on its draft Nature Strip Landscaping Guidelines.

Nature strip gardening is a positive activity to encourage in the municipality. It allows residents to:

* Improve biodiversity opportunities
* Increase the aesthetics of the neighbourhood
* Reduce urban heat, and
* Participate in a healthy activity that can increase neighbour connections.

The City of Moonee Valley Council in Victoria wants to make it easier for community members to plant in nature strips.

Council’s Nature Strip Landscaping Policy (2018) has been reviewed to provide improvements from both a customer and operational perspective to see how the benefits of nature-strip landscaping can be maximised. The Draft Nature strip Landscaping Guidelines are a result of this review. Council is looking to transition from a policy to guidelines, to simplify the process, remove the requirement for a permit, and make it easier for community members to plant in nature strips.

These draft guidelines and accompanying Draft Guidance For Suitable Plants were endorsed by Council at its meeting on July 25, 2023 for community engagement. Council now wants to hear from you.

Your feedback will help finalise the guidelines and inform Council’s decision to formally adopt them later this year.

To read the guidelines and find out more about the process, log on to yoursay.mvcc.vic.gov.au/naturestrip-landscaping.


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