Ditch Witch® SK600 Mini Stand-On Skid Steer

Compact Ditch Witch® SK600 mini stand-on skid steer delivers efficient power in more manoeuvrable package.

Designed for small landscape and irrigation jobs, the Ditch Witch® SK600 mini stand-on skid steer has a narrow frame for better manoeuvrability in tight, compact spaces. Powered by a 24.8hp (18.5 kW) Kubota® diesel engine, the compact, yet mighty machine delivers maximum efficiency to the attachment for enhanced jobsite productivity and added versatility.

A best-in-class operator station improves the machine’s stability and ground clearance compared to similar models on the market. Operators can effectively maintain hydraulic flow to the attachment with an easy-to-use, auxiliary-control foot pedal. And, optimised machine hydraulics deliver the smoothest ride in the industry, keeping operators more comfortable and productive during long hours on the job.

For more information, visit www.elbquip.com/ditch-witch/ mini-skid-steers/

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