Ditch Witch SK600 Mini Skid Steer

If your work involves installing irrigation or swimming pools or site clean, the Ditch Witch SK600 Mini Stand-On Skid Steer has been designed and constructed with you in mind. Featuring a narrow footprint for tight workspaces and both diesel and hydraulic power, this machine is going to impress with its Kubota diesel engine (24.8hp/18.5kW) and 272kg rated operating capacity.

With class-leading (45LPM) hydraulic power to the attachment has operation is improved, with strength and performance that you can easily feel when operating the machine, which is precisely what you want with a skid steer designed for maximum productivity. Yet the power and control of the Ditch Witch SK600 is smooth, balanced and comfortable. The operator’s platform is best in class and does a great job at providing a comfortable ride and taking the jolt out of the operation of the machine. Adding to the operator’s comfort factor is the optimised hydraulic system, which has increased both performance and comfort.

Designed for excellent access
Getting into and through narrow spaces is a massive bonus for operators looking to move material through tight commercial or residential areas. The narrow (850mm) frame of this Ditch Witch SK600 is going to impress and, in some cases, be a deciding factor for business owners.

Gaining access into tight spaces is a massive feature, along with the hydraulic power and 272kg rated operating capacity to move those big loads up and into the skip bin or truck. The 1.93m hinge pin height means unloading those big bucket loads will make short work of material piles.

Over a dozen SK attachments available
On the attachment front there seems to be plenty to choose from. During our tests we had the 4 in 1 bucket and the palette forks, both of which did an exceptional job at their given tasks. We had plenty of mulch, wood chips, big chunks of branches and thicker sections of tree stumps and trunks to move around. The 4 in 1 performed well grabbing the bigger materials and punched well above its weight.

Operator feedback
We had Kelly Burton from KB Landscapes on-site to put the mini skid steer to the test. Kelly is a second-generation landscaper who has been in the game for over 30 years. Starting back in the day with his dad, the pair have built premium golf courses around Australia and too many top-shelf residential and commercial landscape and stone masonry projects to mention.

After letting Kelly cut loose on the machine for a few hours, it was time to hear Kelly’s feedback on the strengths of the Ditch Witch SK600. After stepping off the mini skid steer, Kelly said, “When you first step up onto the operator’s platform you can feel the dampener adjust to your weight, and during the operating of the machine this suspension smoothed out the ride considerably, which for anyone who has had knee or back issues is precisely what you want and need.

“The layout of the colour-coded controls is straightforward to get your head around in a matter of minutes. To manoeuvre the machine there is a single joystick, which after just a minute or two of operating proves a much easier option than the dual lever system. You can drive the machine with two fingers on the joystick, with the other three fingers from that same hand gripping the support rail, which provides excellent stability and control. The ease of use of this machine will make it an ideal option for hire companies or tradies looking to step up into their own machine.

“The narrow footprint of this machine is one of the huge features of the SK600, providing excellent access through side gates of tight access to properties, which means this machine is extremely versatile for many uses and operators. The range of attachments also maximises the potential of the SK600 with augers, backfill blades, grapples pallet forks, and a range of buckets all available for the SK range.”

The wrap-up
The Ditch Witch SK600 Mini Skid Steer machine is small in size but large on power and functionality. With SK attachments including augers, backfill blades, multiple buckets, grapple and pallet forks, the range of potential uses for a machine like this is massive. This machine is also a perfect choice for the hire industry due to its flexibility and ease ofand fuel efficiency.

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