Ditch Witch SK skid steers

Landscaping often involves the need for compact machinery which will be kind to the worksite, and a Ditch Witch SK skid steer stand-on loader is often the answer. But moving earth, stone, aggregates and heavy loads requires tough, reliable machinery. Wayne Cox, NSW/ACT Territory Manager for Ditch Witch CEA, recommends the SK range for all types of work from landscaping to construction.

“The SK is a true construction machine,” said Wayne. “People buy an SK for the narrow access and the range of attachments,” he said. “There’s around 15 different attachments available for an SK machine. “Also, the SKs are easy to step on and step off. They’re great for landscaping and for anyone who’s constantly in and out of machines all day. Where a sit-down machine can be a bit of a killer on the operator’s back, the SK machines are the way to go.” It’s not only the versatility of the SK Ditch Witches that’s so impressive. The range of machines means there’s an ideal unit for just about every application.

Have a look at the models here, and for the full range of and specs more information, visit ditchwitchcea.com.au.


Designed for small-scale landscape and irrigation jobs, the Ditch Witch SK600 mini skid steer has a narrow frame for better manoeuvrability in tight, compact spaces. The small, yet mighty, machine delivers industry-leading power to the attachment for enhanced jobsite productivity and versatility. A redesigned, ergonomic operator’s station with optimised hydraulics offers the smoothest ride in the industry so operators stay comfortable and productive for long hours on the job.  Built for heavy-duty operation, the construction-grade design improves machine durability and longevity and overall machine ROI.


Your job just got a whole lot easier. When your jobsites demand long-lasting durability and performance, you need the SK800 — the perfect mini skid steer for a variety of jobs, large and small.


Muscle where you need it most. With a stronger pound-per-pound punch than the competition, the Ditch Witch SK900 puts in the muscle on landscaping and construction-grade jobs with a lower ground drive speed and more power directed where you need it most – the hard-working attachments.


Ideally suited for a variety of demanding jobsites, the Ditch Witch SK1050 mini skid steer improves versatility and productivity by directing more hydraulic power to the attachment. The durable, constructiongrade design eases operator maintenance for improved ROI, and outperforms all other working machines in its class. Designed specifically with the hardworking operator in mind, the best-in-class, springsupported operator platform improves comfort for long hours on
the job.


The most powerful mini skid steer in the lineup, the Ditch Witch SK1550 delivers more muscle to a wide range of jobs like tree handling and sod transfer. The construction-grade SK1550 does what other machines can’t, quickly and effectively. Powered by a 44hp (32.8kW) Tier 4, Yanmar® engine with an incredible 1558lb (706.7kg) operating capacity, this machine brings the brawn and productivity to every jobsite. The SK1550 is an allaround powerhouse, minimizing your downtime and increasing your ROI.


Uncage the beast. Leave the cage behind and trade it for unrivalled performance with the SK3000 Stand-On Skid Steer
— a machine unlike any other. Uncage your productivity and upgrade to the SK3000.


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