Ditch Witch Mini Skid Steers

Upgrade to Construction-Grade

The Ditch Witch® brand is most often associated with chain trenchers and drilling equipment – their reputation for outstanding products and excellent service worldwide is renowned. More recently, Ditch Witch mini skid steers are fast becoming a common sight on Australian landscape, hardscape and irrigation job sites.

Reliable, extremely compact – fitting on a standard trailer – and with a range of attachments, the Ditch Witch range of stand-on mini skid steers is capable of tackling almost any landscaping and contracting job.

Ditch Witch designs all of their products with the end user in mind. Each machine’s engineering is customer-focused in every way, from boosted power, eased maintenance and enhanced operator comfortability and safety. Their skid steer range is no different. A look under the bonnet reveals a thoroughly thought through and easy-to-access engine layout. The controls are ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use, while the operator area is spacious, with a generous foot plate and support cushioning to assist in reducing fatigue. All their skid steers are fitted with tracks and rollers that improve stability and lower ground pressure, a feature that helps minimise damage to lawns; obviously an attractive benefit in landscaping and residential contracting. One of the significant benefits of a stand-on skid steer is there is no climbing in and out of cabs, lifting of slide doors or swinging gates. Even in the tightest of spots or at an awkward angle, you can get on and off quickly, and with ease. Useful for changing attachments or getting on with something else, without needing to move the skid steer first.

There are four Ditch Witch mini skid steer models currently available in Australia. Ranging from the ultra-compact Ditch Witch SK600 unit, ideal for the Australian backyard, the Ditch Witch SK755, SK1050 and the larger and more powerful, Ditch Witch SK1550. This unit is designed to conquer complex construction, landscape and irrigation projects, which were typically only suited for traditional skid steer loaders. While bigger than the other three units, the SK1550 is still highly compact, its small footprint allows for it to work in tight backyards, on narrow pavements, driveways, inside buildings and other areas where big, dedicated machines can’t go, and with minimal residential disruption and damage to property. The SK1550 is also fitted with powerful front lighting, allowing for safe operation at night.

All Ditch Witch mini skid steers come standard with a bucket attachment. Optional attachments range from fencing, coring, lifting, loading, raking, and of course, because it’s Ditch Witch, trenching, to name only a few. Changing attachments is quick and easy, even when the skid steer is running at full power due to the connect pressure manifold, which relieves any pressure on the auxiliary lines.

Ditch Witch mini skid steers raise the bar for compact utility loaders, increasing efficiency and overall performance, with minimal downtime. All of the models are easy to use, comply to safety standards, and offer superior manoeuvrability even in the harshest of Australian terrains. The versatility of Ditch Witch skid steers is a game changer for landscapers, a veritable powerhouse of possibilities, allowing multiple jobs to be done efficiently and in minimal time.


The Ditch Witch SK600 and SK755 are powered by Kubota engines. The SK600 is 25hp, has a rated operating capacity of 270kg and tipping capacity of 770kg, notable considering it weighs a mere 1100kg. The SK755 is 33hp, 360kg rated capacity and a tipping capacity of 1025kg.

The two larger SK1050 and SK1550 are powered by Yanmar Engines. The SK1050 is 37hp, 480kg rated operating capacity, and 1370kg tipping capacity while the SK1550 is 44hp, has a rated capacity of 700kg and a tipping capacity of 2000kg.

Sales and Service

Ditch Witch products are proudly distributed by ELB Equipment.

To ELB Equipment, customer service and after sales is absolutely critical. With branches in eight key locations around the major cities of Australia and New Zealand, servicing and maintaining your Ditch Witch skid steer is convenient, and they keep majority of parts on the shelf at all locations. Should the need arise, you can also be sure that technicians are available to respond promptly.

Go to http://elbquip.com for more information and to find a dealer near you, or contact 1300 ELB EQU.

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