Ditch Witch FX20 Big Productivity in small spaces

Versatile and powerful the Ditch Witch FX20 trailer-mounted vacuum excavator is designed for an extensive range of clean-up, and soft excavation tasks. Engineered from the ground up as a trailer vacuum system, the FX20 ensures superior functionality.

A priority for Ditch Witch is operator safety and efficiency, so when building vacuum excavators, they have been designed with all controls, accessible from a curb side operator’s station. A great feature of the FX20 trailer-mounted vacuum excavator is its compact design making it easy to transport behind a Ute or truck to any work site. Don’t be fooled by its size, while the FX20 trailermounted vacuum excavator is compact it provides impressive suction power, using the same proven components as some of the larger vac systems in the Ditch Witch range.

All Ditch Witch vacuum excavators are construction-grade, built with heavy-duty components that can withstand the demands of a diverse range of jobsites and applications. And they can be customised with your choice of tank sizes and numerous other optional features including reverse flow, excavation tooling, and wireless hydraulic booms.

The Ditch Witch FX20 trailer-mounted vacuum excavator is suitable for a wide range of tasks including the clean-up of non-hazardous, non-flammable liquids and spills in and around jobsites, manholes, storm drains, meter boxes, trenches, gutters. It’s also suitable for a range of soft excavation duties like digging postholes, potholing, slot trenching, street repairs and keyholing. Other uses include the clean-up of non-hazardous wastewater, salt and sand removal, industrial machine cleaning, mulch and gravel removal, and tree stump shaving removal.

Fitted with a 25-hp Kohler® petrol engine, the FX20 trailer-mounted vacuum excavator is renowned for its reliability and ease of maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime and low cost of ownership.

“The FX20 trailer-mounted vacuum excavator is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a compact machine that’s easy to transport, but not wanting to compromise on power and suction”, says National Ditch Witch CEA Product Manager Scott O’Hare.

The FX20 trailer-mounted vacuum excavator is fitted with a 568-litre vacuum tank that is permanently mounted at a 45-degree angle, making the dumping cycle quick and easy. The curb side operator’s console is designed to make controls easily accessible, and the console can be positioned on either side of the unit ensuring comfort and ease of use for operators.

Offering outstanding suction power of 543 cfm (15.3 m3/min) in a compact, extremely durable package, the belt-driven blower is reliable and easy to maintain.

“The functionality of the FX20 trailermounted vacuum excavator makes it a machine that’s really easy to operate, and with its 25-hp, easily accessible controls, outstanding suction power and well positioned tank making dumping cycle quick and easy, Ditch Witch really has thought of everything when designing the FX20,” says Scott.

Like to know more? Contact the team at Ditch Witch CEA today on 1300 788 757 or visit ditchwitchcea.com.au.

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