Dieci – Not Just A Telehandler Manufacturer

While Dieci is well known for telehandlers in Australia, did you know they also manufacture a broad range of dump trucks?

Used in the North West Rail Link project, the D4200 and D7000 models were relied on for both their tough 4WD ability and robust construction. With a variety of sizes to suit all types of applications starting from 2.5 tonne and going up to 8.5 tonne, all models include 4 wheel drive, 2 or 4 wheel steer, fully enclosed cab with air conditioning as standard and all with the proven rough terrain off-road capability that being built on the Dieci PX off-road chassis provides.

Many localised custom options are also available to ensure maximum productivity and safety. The Dieci Dumper range has something to suit everyone:

DP 1000

Key features: Engine: Lombardini

Maximum capacity: 2500kg

Width: 1680mm

Height: 2450mm

Dumper body capacity: 1m³

Total weight: 1200kg

DP 1500

Key features:

Engine: Lombardini

Maximum capacity: 3700kg

Width: 1700mm

Height: 2640mm

Dumper body capacity: 1.5m³

Total weight: 1700kg

DP 4200

Key features:

Engine: FTP

Maximum capacity: 8500kg

Width: 2350mm

Height: 3010mm

Dumper body capacity: 4.2m³

Total weight: 5000kg

DP 7000

Key features:

Engine: FTP

Maximum capacity: 12000kg

Width: 2350mm

Height: 3090mm

Dumper body capacity: 7.5m³

Total weight: 5000kg

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