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This industry-first is cleaning the path for future generations.

With a decrease inconsistent rainfall and ongoing water restrictions throughout many parts of the country, the ability to limit the amount of water we use is crucial to a sustainable future. One commercial cleaning solution that is gaining popularity is the pressure washer. According to DEWALT, the power tool experts, cleaning with a pressure washer is 10 times faster and 10 times more water-efficient than cleaning by hand.

With water and time savings in mind, DEWALT has launched a new pressure washer that uses smart, auto stop-start technology, reducing water usage, running costs, wear and tear and controls noise, while making tasks such as cleaning paths, washing down outdoor furniture, and maintaining courtyards, quick and easy.

The 3400 PSI 9.4 LPM Pressure Washer, featuring 3400 PSI of cleaning pressure with a water flow rate of 9.4 LPM, is an industry-first pressure washer exclusively engineered with patent PressUReady Technology, an advanced battery-operated electric starting system with auto stop/start trigger control.

After the initial set-up, the pressure washer is activated by simply squeezing the trigger. Releasing the trigger will prompt the machine to shut down after 10 seconds while remaining at the ready for instant reactivation. The washer’s premium design includes an innovative smart control panel with a built-in LED diagnostic screen.

“More and more, we are seeing homeowners put the ‘green’ into having a green thumb with an increased focus on saving water and helping the local environment,” says Greg Wright, Pressure Washers Category Manager, Mayo Hardware. “There is an increased interest in reducing water usage. Additionally, jobs such as cleaning your driveway or deck take an incredible amount of time by hand, up to half a day, whereas using a pressure washer will get the job done in about an hour.”

Some of the most common projects for cleaning around the outside of the home include washing mossy paths, removing mould off walls, and everyday dirt, dust and weather sediments from outdoor furniture, round pots as well as the home’s façade. It can also be used on fences and house exterior for paint preparation, as well as to wash the car, caravan or bike. Rather than labouring through the chores, a switch to a pressure washer is a great way for homeowners to do their bit for being water wise whilst reclaiming their weekend.

Sharing his top tips, Wright says, “When cleaning fences and walls, start at the top and work down horizontally – spray into the sides of posts as they meet the fencing to avoid splashback. If it’s a driveway, start at the top so the water runs away from where you are cleaning. There’s also a range of different optional accessories, including surface scrubber, turbo nozzles and second storey soap nozzles, which make it four times faster than using a standard petrol pressure washer yet again.

If you have a large space to clean, it’s best to just point further away as it reduces pressure the further it shoots but also increases the width of spray to allow you to work faster when less pressure is required. If you are moving furniture the PressUReady technology stops the washer to reduce running costs and water wastage. It is much faster than cleaning by hand, cheaper to run and far more efficient than any other petrol pressure washer.”

The pressure washer comes fitted with a 7.6m long steel braided high-pressure hose, and an ergonomic spray gun designed with 360-degree rotating side grip for practical use, comfort and control.

The DEWALT 3400 PSI 9.4 LPM Pressure Washer is available from Total Tools and is RRP $1399.

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