Darwin Plant Wholesalers

Darwin Plant Wholesalers is rated as Australia’s largest wholesale tropical plant nursery.

Situated on a 500,000m² site with 200,000m² under production, Darwin Plant Wholesalers grows a very large range of plants from 140mm, 200mm, 14 litre and 20 litre sizes through to advanced specimens in 100 litre, 200 litre, 300 litre and even 500 litre bags.

Darwin Plant Wholesalers’ experienced packing team will pack your order to maximise space utilisation.

Landscapers can obtain quotations, including freight to all mainland capital cities at very competitive prices. Road trains service Darwin from every capital city and that means Darwin Plant Wholesalers get great back loading freight rates.

The freight service is excellent. They use live plant experienced freight lines.

Proprietor Darryl South says, “The Top Ends great growing climate means we can grow a huge range. We grow really good quality stock and we can grow it quickly.

If you need advanced plant stock for major projects, Darwin Plant Wholesalers can help.

Typical Shipping Schedule:

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