Cultivating rural beauty

Cultivating rural beauty with Tony Fifield of Rural Landscaping Company.

When Tony Fifield of Rural Landscaping Company joined the Landscape Industry Association of WA (LIAWA) a few years ago, he sought to connect with likeminded professionals, leveraging the LIAWA brand and connections to create a ‘shop front’ for the growth of his small yet burgeoning multifaceted landscaping business, focused on design and construction in a rural setting.

As the driving force behind the transformative endeavours of Rural Landscaping Company, Tony specialises in cultivating rural beauty in rural and semi-rural sites across Perth and country areas, with a focus on properties with substantial acreage. Tony and his compact team of three are dedicated to elevating the natural allure of the countryside while overcoming the distinctive challenges posed by expansive terrains.

“I was looking at potential customers in the hills or on rural properties in lifestyle situations and wanted to promote our capability. I noticed there weren’t a lot of people focused on landscaping acreage,” explained Tony.

Tony has just secured his multicombination heavy driver’s license, adding to his already impressive list of heavy-haulage truck, semi-trailer, and heavy-equipment licenses.

Tony (left) and his team: Lachy, Lachy Junior, and Jeremy. Image: Rural Landscaping Company

The genesis of a green odyssey

Tony Fifield’s journey into landscaping traces its roots back to a company called Busy Digger, where the emphasis was on hardscaping—installing retaining rock walls, undertaking earthworks, and transforming backyards. Rural Landscaping Company emerged in response to the growing demand in the Perth hills and rural locations on the outskirts of the city, catering to clients seeking comprehensive services with significant equipment and expertise. Operating from the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, Rural Landscaping Company benefits from a nuanced understanding of diverse soil and ground conditions, ranging from the sandy coastal plains to the clays, granite and laterite of the Perth Hills.

Image: Rural Landscaping Company

Focused design for rural and semi-rural living

Specialising in the design, construction and installation of country or rustic-inspired outdoor garden and living spaces, Rural Landscaping Company employs a thoughtful and functional landscaping lens. Tony emphasised, “With every design, we consider the practical use of the space and the effects of elements such as drainage, ground conditions, access and native wildlife and birds.

“Our guiding principle for rural landscapes is simple: ‘function drives design.’”

Image: Rural Landscaping Company

Topography as a canvas

Tony’s approach involves working with the existing topography, aligning the design with his clients’ budgets and preserving existing trees.

“It works well with the clients’ budget, and if I don’t have to clear everything and leave existing trees, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate slopes, dips, and valleys into the design,” he explained.

Image: Rural Landscaping Company

Driving for success

Tony recognises the pivotal role of mobility and logistics in addressing the challenges of expansive rural landscapes. This insight not only shapes his personal journey, but also becomes a cornerstone of the services provided by Rural Landscaping Company.

While his focus is on hardscaping, Tony collaborates with other contractors who specialise in softscaping, turf, irrigation, electric gates, paving and other specialties. He is always on the lookout for the ‘Best in Class’ contractors to support his specialist work, tapping into the LIAWA membership to source the best professionals in the industry.

Image: Rural Landscaping Company

Looking ahead

As Rural Landscaping Company continues to grow, Tony Fifield envisions a future where rural landscapes are not merely spaces, but living canvases that tell stories of sustainability and harmony.

“Every piece of land has its own story and unique characteristics.

“Our job is not just to design and implement landscaping solutions but to weave a narrative that aligns with the natural flow of the environment,” he said.

As Tony drives towards new horizons, both literally and figuratively, the landscapes he touches bloom with life, telling a story of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Tony and the Rural Landscaping Company are pleased to be specialist rural landscape members with LIAWA.

Belonging to an industry body such as LIAWA offers unparalleled networking, access to exclusive resources, and advocacy for members’ interests. It provides valuable insights into industry trends and fosters professional growth through learning opportunities, enhances credibility, and creates a supportive community for business success. Membership becomes a cornerstone for staying competitive and advancing within the dynamic market landscape.

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Image: LIAWA
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