Cub Cadet’s Commercial Clean-Up Range

Experience Cub Cadet’s hard-working professional range of brush cutters and trimmers for even the most demanding commercial applications.

Cub Cadet’s professional clean-up range has been unleashed. Experience the range of efficient clean-up equipment – powerful brush cutters, versatile hedge trimmers and the tough wheeled string trimmer – designed to help maintain even the most demanding yards.

First up in the range is Cub Cadet’s high-performance brush cutters packed with power and versatility. Featuring either a 22.5cc (CC924) or 25.6cc (CC927D/ CC927U), 2-stroke, heavy-duty full crank Mitsubishi engine, Cub Cadet’s brush cutter range is perfect for a wide range of trimming and clearing applications.

Comfort and ergonomics are at the forefront of design. Choose from the CC924 and CC927D with loop handles for comfortable handling or the CC927U with bullhorn handles ideal for slashing larger yards and overgrown lawns with ease. Add the convenience of a bump head line feed that efficiently replenishes line, Cub Cadet brush cutters will keep you trimming, cutting and slashing comfortably when cutting for long periods.

Precision cutting is also a focus with a custom soft grip throttle control making the brush cutters extremely smooth and steady to use for an even cut. The throttle levers also feature inbuilt safety levers to ensure safe operation for your added peace of mind.

Next in the range are Cub Cadet’s professional hedge trimmers designed to give you flexibility. The heavy-duty 2-stroke Mitsubishi engines give you power and heavy-duty, double-sided blades provide the precision for a superior, clean finish with the ability to cut through large branches, up to 1 inch in diameter.

Choose from the CC924HT double-sided hedge trimmer for standard trimming (22.5cc engine) with an easy to use 180° swivel handle offering additional comfort, or the CC927LH long reach hedge trimmer (25.6cc engine) with a 270° swivel blade head ideal for jobs requiring better reach and angle cutting for straight up, higher trimming.

The final of the clean-up equipment is Cub Cadet’s tough wheeled string trimmer – a time saver for difficult areas. With a huge 173cc 4-stroke Kohler engine and thick 4mm trimmer line, the Cub Cadet wheeled string trimmer has the power to quickly clear tall and thick grasses, heavy brush and vegetation making it ideal for larger, tougher jobs.

Features such as ball bearing wheels for exceptional handling and manoeuvrability on uneven terrain, as well as the offset head design that easily cuts around obstacles like fence lines and corners, make the Cub Cadet Wheeled string trimmer a champion in superior handling.

The Cub Cadet range of brush cutters and hedge trimmers are backed by a 1-year commercial unit and engine warranty. The wheeled string trimmer features a 90-day commercial unit and engine warranty.

Cub Cadet’s commercial clean-up range is available at your nearest Cub Cadet Dealer, visit for more information.

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