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Kicking off in July 2022 with a dealership in Queensland’s Cooroy, then opening a second store in Noosaville in September, Yardworx Equipment has well and truly hit the ground running. After years of experience with John Deere Australia, dealer principal Lachlan ‘Lachie’ Jarrett knows what customers need and want, both in a mower and a dealer of outdoor power equipment.

In Lachlan’s view, Cub Cadet fits the bill.

“It’s been very busy,” Lachie told us. “After all the supply issues of the past couple of years and the pent-up demand, a lot of products are becoming more available. We’re really just waiting for the hot weather to kick the grass-growing season into gear.”

Cub Cadet’s Pro Z 900 is the only steering-wheel zero turn on the market and offers exceptional safety and functionality on hills.
Yardworx and Cub Cadet

Being customer-focused is a big part of the Yardworx philosophy. That, and holding a good catalogue of parts to keep customers going.

“When they turn up to Yardworx,” said Lachie, “hopefully we’ve got what they’re looking for. We’re willing to carry more stock than a lot of other dealers, and we have what they need across a wide range.”

When it comes to mowers, Lachlan and Yardworx are big fans of Cub Cadet, citing good build, good warranty, good backup and great support as major factors contributing to the brand’s – and the dealers’ – success.

“Cub Cadet is a good-quality product,” Lachie vouched, “and if there are any hiccups, the manufacturer’s right there supporting it. Cub Cadet goes out of its way to help dealers get customers going again.

“The quality of the product is number one. We wouldn’t support a brand if we weren’t confident it was up to standard. If a machine’s going to create headaches for us, it’s not worth us stocking it or selling it.”

It’s Cub Cadet’s steering-wheel zero-turn machines which really get Yardworx’ main man excited.

“It’s the only steering-wheel zero turn on the market,” he outlined. “It has exceptional safety and functionality on hills, and we have a lot of that type of terrain in the hinterland areas around Cooroy and Noosaville.”

Great support

Jarrett is obviously keen on the steering-wheel zero turns, but he’s just as rapt in Cub Cadet as company.

“There’s certainly innovation in the steering-wheel zero turns,” he pondered, “but then Cub Cadet has a lot of other technology which is probably reasonably standard, but just done well. They’re machinery is built with good-quality components, and just as importantly, they’ve got the parts supply to back it up. We can get parts for other brands we carry, but we might have them on order for months and months. With Cub, there’s been cases where there was no part available, and they’ve sent people out to machines in the warehouse to pull that part off and sent it to us to get the customer going.

“It’s that level of customer support that helps us and helps the end users of the product. We certainly don’t get that with other brands.”

The Ultima ZT1 is a great example of Cab Cadet’s high-quality build and components.
Looking forward

Being such a young business, Yardworx has big potential for fast growth, and Lachlan is headlong into ensuring the business is moving in the right direction.

“We plan to continue growing, supporting customers, and setting ourselves apart as a one-stop shop for outdoor power equipment. Yardworx is a place to get expert advice, service and support,” he said.

Cub Cadet is clearly a good fit for those aims.

It seems like the two businesses were made for each other.

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