Cormidi Mini Track Dumpers Perfect for Tight Access Work!

Housing Blocks Are Becoming Smaller

The population of Australia is estimated to increase by 350,000 and 400,000 in the next 25 years and 80 per cent of this growth will take place in the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

In addition to rising population, larger houses on smaller blocks of land have become the norm, which has resulted in narrower gaps between dwellings.

How Do These Trends Affect Landscapers?

Larger homes on smaller blocks have resulted in restricted access to the backyard, which can limit the type of machinery you have available for a job.

How The Cormidi Helps With The Trends

Makinex Construction Products prides itself on innovation and is passionate about providing professional contractors and tradespeople with products that provide quality solutions safely and economically.

The Makinex earthmoving range of Cormidi Mini Tracked Dumpers is no exception. With the smallest width at 695mm, Cormidi Dumpers provide landscapers access to the narrowest of sites even including the front door!

What Are The Features And Benefits Of A Cormidi?

The Cormidi Dumpers range has a built-in suspension system in the tracks that allows the user to access rocks and go over gutters, tree roots and other uneven surfaces at an angle up to 20 degrees.

The dumpers can lift, shift, load, transport and dump any materials from concrete to dirt. The highest tipping point for a Cormidi is 1.675m making it perfect for tipping straight into skip bins, utes or even 3 to 5 tonne trucks and because it’s fully hydrostatic, you get power when you need it.

Depending on the model, users walk behind the machine or stand on the footplate. The footplate can be folded away to further increase operability. The high-tipping, self-loading and footplate reduces workplace injuries on back, neck and joints.

Cormidis are fully supported by the Makinex Service Department who have over 10 years of experience along with providing a full range of parts to minimise downtime.

Customer Feedback On Their Experience With Cormidi

Andrew Smith from The OtherSide Landscapers said, “We recently purchased the Cormidi 60 dumper from Makinex and we couldn’t be happier. It is used in nearly all aspects of our jobs from loading out soil from excavation to helping move bricks and material and it’s great for tight access. My favourite part of the Cormidi 60 is the high lift, which makes it great for loading skip bins and trucks. I highly recommend the Cormidi 60 more to other builders and landscapers.”

The Makinex sales team is happy to discuss your requirements and they can also bring a Cormidi to your site for a demonstration.

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