Cormidi 60 Tracked Dumper

Exclusively distributed Australia wide by Makinex Construction Products is the Cormidi range of tracked dumpers.

Designed and manufactured in Italy since 1995, Cormidi machines are used on landscaping and construction sites worldwide. I had the pleasure of testing a Cormidi machine back in 2009 so it is good to see they are still going strong a decade later, continually updating and improving these handy machines.

The Cormidi 60 is well suited to landscapers and sits in the middle of an extensive range consisting of larger and smaller machines, including self-loading and side tipping machines.

A quality Honda GX270 petrol engine of 9hp powered the Cormidi 60 I used. The engine provided ample power and is renowned for its reliability and longevity. The machine is also available with a Yanmar 7hp diesel power plant option. The engine is protected with a rear cowling, which also doubles as a good leaning point for the operator. It hinges back and down with the push of a button providing good access for engine maintenance.

The track drive is powered by a fully hydrostatic system eliminating Joystick controls enable the operator to hold on with one hand and operate the drive with the other. The controls are smooth and responsive, which means it’s simple for anyone to operate. The operator stand-on platform has good grip, which is essential because these machines are often operated on rugged terrain. The platform also folds up in an instant without needing tools. This comes in handy in many situations by reducing the length of the machine to enable turns on tight corners and also giving the option for the operator to walk behind the machine in steep inclines or whilst loading for transport.

This small machine has a whopping 600kg lift and load capacity so is ideally suited to transporting heavy materials. The standard new house block size has decreased dramatically over the years so it is becoming increasingly difficult for landscapers to access backyards. This is why the Cormidi 60 with a width of only 700mm is ideally suited to landscape contractors because materials can be easily and effortlessly transported down the side of a house.

Whether it is bringing material in or taking material out, or both as is often the case, one of the biggest problems with small machines is lift height. There is no point transporting material toa truck and not being able to tip it in. The Cormidi 60 has an impressive lift height of 1.7m, which ensures unloading into a skip bin, ute or small tipper isn’t an issue. Whilst I was operating the machine I transported and tipped heavy loads of soil laced with road base and light loads of leaf mulch. Ground speed, manoeuvrability, lifting and tipping were not compromised in any way with varying materials. The Cormidi 60 powered along, albeit at a walking pace, regardless of the weight of the material. It is also worth mentioning that the machine only weighs 555kg, which means it is transportable in a ute or standard box trailer. The Cormidi 60 Tracked Dumper was simple to use and well-built (knowing its Italian heritage). It is powered by a quality engine regardless of which option is chosen and it performs tasks well. The Cormidi 60 will be an asset to any landscaper.

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