Cordless wonders

Victa’s Lithium 82V range offers high performance cordless power tools

that are lightweight, durable and comfortable to use.

Victa’s 82-volt range of products is the right choice for dependable and quality gardening tools. Powered by Briggs & Stratton’s lithium-ion battery system, this power packed combination is designed for efficiency and ease of use that any landscape professional will appreciate.

For many years, nickel-cadmium was the only source of power for portable equipment but, with the emergence of lithium-ion in the industry, tools have become lighter, more durable and easier to handle, without losing any of the power needed to trim and tame unruly hedges, bushes and shrubs.

With the best energy-to-weight ratio, little maintenance over its lifetime and offering the most charge cycles, lithium-ion batteries are considered the most advanced battery type available on the market. Victa’s Lithium 82V^ range reflects the features of this technology, with high performance cordless power tools that are lightweight, durable and comfortable to use – designed with the professional in mind.

Victa 82V^ Cordless Lithium- Ion Leaf Blaster

Keeping the garden tidy is a breeze with Victa’s 82V^ Cordless Lithium-Ion Leaf Blaster. Users will benefit from the lightweight, streamlined design offering ease of use, as well as the powerful 750W brushless motor technology that delivers improved performance and durability.  Blast leaves and debris with the help of high 500CFM maximum air volume. The additional trigger-lock setting means simply setting the switch to finish the job.

Victa 82V^ Cordless Lithium- Ion 18” Quiet Cut Chainsaw

Enjoy the comfort of the Quiet Cut Chainsaw thanks to its lightweight ergonomic design – while ensuring the job gets done with the real cutting power of the 1200W motor.  Boasting a large 18” Oregon® bar, and the performance and durability of brushless motor technology, no job will be left unfinished. Safety remains a priority with an inertia activated chain brake system.

Victa 82V^ Cordless Lithium-Ion 26” Hedge Crafter

Trim with greater precision and ease thanks to the multi-directional handle of Victa’s 82V^ Cordless Lithium-Ion 26” Hedge Crafter. Professionals can tame unruly hedges, bushes and shrubs with real cutting power delivered by the 800W motor and brushless motor technology. The 26” Hedge Crafter is made to be hassle-free with a push-button jam release function.

Victa 82V^ Cordless Lithium-Ion Rapid Trimmer

This powerful 800W brushless motor technology trimmer is the perfect tool to tidy up tricky areas that a lawn mower can’t reach. Feel the solidity of the sturdy alloy split-shaft, which delivers minimal vibration and low noise. The added feature of a turbo button delivers extra power when needed.  Users can get the job done time and time again with the reliability of lithium-ion battery technology.

Victa 82V^ 21” Wide-Cut Lawn Mower

Professionals can save time and cover more ground with a 21” wide-cut durable chassis that feeds the lawn with mulch while mowing. The 82V^ Victa mower is also a convenient space saver with the ability to be stored upright. With the power of 1200W brushless motor technology, it is ideal for cutting thick grass. Two 82V^ 2Ah batteries are included and a 30-minute rapid charge means you can enjoy endless mowing**.

All products in the 82V range come with a five-year limited replacement product warranty†.

 For more information on Victa products, visit or call 1800 356 632.

 ^ Maximum battery voltage is 82 volts, nominal voltage is 72 volts.

** Based on 45 minute run time (no load).

† 5 year limited replacement product warranty, 2 year limited battery and charger warranty. Terms and conditions apply. See operator’s manual or visit for details

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