Concrete Sales

Concrete Sales specialises in supplying premixed concrete and steel mesh to ‘the little guys’ in the building industry and has been successfully doing this since 2012. Due to the large volumes of concrete that Concrete Sales purchases from major suppliers as well as the smaller independents, they can unlock supply times that others simply cannot get. The days of needing to book a week in advance to get that elusive 7:30am time slot are over. Concrete Sales has your back and will get you the time you are after, GUARANTEED with only a few days’ notice. Even if you forget to order concrete, they can successfully meet your needs on the same day.

Even though Concrete Sales proudly boasts having the largest concrete supply network in Australia, they are a small family business who really cares for their customers. They have created their own niche in the construction industry being the first choice for so many who don’t purchase concrete and steel mesh products regularly. With access to over 600 concrete plants across Australia, Concrete Sales has more coverage than anyone else.

Not only can you get your preferred concrete time, but their pricing is a lot more competitive than contacting suppliers direct. All the ringing around is done for you, they do all the hard work placing the orders, something that no one enjoys doing!

Experience the Concrete Sales difference yourself and you will see why more people are choosing them for their concrete and steel mesh supply.

With their industry experienced, customer focused staff and no waiting on hold for them to answer the phone, we can’t see a reason why Concrete Sales wouldn’t be your first choice for concrete and steel mesh products.

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