Complete your jobs with Oregon® Gator Blades and Trimmer Lines

As contractors maintaining yards, the volume of lawns tendered to can be anywhere from 90 to 450 per month. As each job comes with its own garden properties, it’s important to consider and adapt equipment to suit each terrain. Selecting the right parts means less downtime, reliable customer service and efficient turn-around of jobs.

The Oregon® Gator series of lawnmower blades deliver a full range of enhancements designed to boost performance and durability. From clean, straight, consistent cuts to reduced vibration, each blade features the exclusive Gator Mulcher® providing superior bagging and discharge efficiency that saves time and makes completing each job more seamless.

There are three Oregon® blades that have been created with manufacturing processes that combine the latest technology with a comprehensive range of quality control standards. This methodology means Oregon® blades provide the consistency and longevity that professionals demand and homeowners prefer.

The G3 blade is engineered with core Gator mulching features that make them a great choice for normal and abrasive conditions. The G5 provides the optimum combination for a wide range of mower units, featuring a high lift contour as well as two additional premium features to improve performance and retain blade sharpness, meaning less maintenance or downtime. The heavy duty G6 blade, made from wider and thicker material is specific to commercial applications and can withstand the most punishing terrain conditions, while offering the same full-range features of the Gator series.

For your lawn trimmers, Oregon® has developed three series, Oregon® pro-grade, Magnum Gatorline™ and Platinum Gatorline™. These ranges vary in shape and size to meet your requirements – and are made to be durable and easy to use.

The Oregon® pro-grade trimmer line is made with blended polymers that are flexible and limit breakage. Engineered with co-extrusion for a fixed profile, the Magnum Gatorline™ incorporates a high-strength inner core with a weld resistant outer layer for durability and resistance to breakage. The range comes in three shapes: Round, Square, and the advanced SuperTwist, which has been tested to reduce noise and vibration when compared to conventional round nylon lines, while enhancing cutting speed and ease. The Platinum Gatorline™ eliminates many of the problems that can aggravate users of traditional trimmer lines. It houses an armoured exterior that makes the platinum line more resistant to tears and breaks; and shields a highly flexible co-polymer core for extra durability.

From grass, weeds and shrubs the Oregon® trimmer series will easily adapt to each lawn condition and provide clean, consistent, professional finishes.

Oregon is proudly distributed through lawn and garden powerhouse, Briggs & Stratton Australia, and is committed to designing and manufacturing products that deliver the performance and reliability professionals demand.

To learn more about Oregon products, visit or 1800 356 632.

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