Compact, powerful and manoeuvrable The Wacker Neuson range of excavators

The Wacker Neuson range of mini and compact excavators play out their strengths on small landscape and construction sites.

They can be quickly transported and are manoeuvrable on the work site thanks to their compact dimensions so the job can be done more efficiently. The range of Wacker Neuson excavators consists of conventional tracked excavators, mobile excavators and zero tail models without any overhang.

The smallest model in the range also works in zero emissions mode: the mini excavator 803 – what it lacks in size, it makes up in strength. Its compact size at just 700mm wide makes it ideal for demolition and renovation work within buildings. The rubber tracks do not damage floors and it can easily drive through internal doors.

The EZ17 compact excavator is the best performance zero tail model in its class.

The large volume diesel engine combined with LUDV (Load Sensing System) and the new cooling system promise high performance and efficiency. The compact and robust design ensures longer operating life.

Wacker Neuson is setting new standards in the 1.7 tonne to 2.4 tonne class with the ET18. The combination of proven elements and intelligent development approaches provide a plus in performance and efficiency. The Vertical Dig System (VDS) ensures optimum performance and operator comfort.

Comfortable working conditions
The Zero Tail excavator EZ25 and EZ26 guarantees modern design, flexibility and ease of use.

Transportation by car trailer to the next construction site?

No problem – the low weight allows transport including attachment tool by means of 3.5-tonne trailer.

Trimmed for productivity
The tracked excavator EZ36 – sophisticated drive concept for quick, precise control and shorter work cycles. The 3.5-tonne class impresses with many sophisticated detailed solutions, which increase productivity – from the intuitive operation to the quick maintenance.

Excavating is made easy with the EZ50, which has fantastic performance due to high stability, high lift capacity and digging power, as well as quick working cycles.

Power and efficiency times to the tracked excavators EZ80 and ET90 ensure best work results. The EZ80 combines compact dimensions with excellent digging power – for best performances in a small space. The ET90 impresses with excellent engine and hydraulic performance – concentrated power that remains perfectly under control thanks to the load-sensing system.

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