Civiline slope mower safety increased efficiency by 75 percent

Wetzler Weed Management & Site Maintenance operates throughout Queensland conducting maintenance around dam walls, fire mitigation and general weed control.

Owner James Wetzler talks about the safety and efficiency improvements he has enjoyed since purchasing a new Civiline LT 9600 remote control track slope mower, made by Agria Germany.

“Safety was the main motivation for buying the Civiline LT 9600,” explained James. “Slope and highway mowing is quite hazardous with the risk of ankle and leg injuries. The remote control eliminated the roll-over risk to our operators who can stand a safe distance away. The very surprising benefit from the Civiline slope mower was the 75 per cent efficiency improvement. We knew it would save us time, but it took two workers five days to do a dam wall job that previously took five men over eight days. That’s a 75 per cent reduction in person-days, which is a lot of time and money saved.”

Dam sites can be massive and leaks are an expensive problem. “The LT 9600 slope mower will tackle anything – it’s a very effective mulching machine,” said James. “Some of the dams we maintain are 1km long, and keeping walls clear of vegetation allows early identification of muddy patches that can indicate a leak. Mowing isn’t just for aesthetics; it’s about dam integrity. The tracks on the LT 9600 mower give great stability and traction and they leave minimal visual impact on grassed areas.

“Maintenance is a breeze. We have two batteries so there’s always one charged and ready to go. The detachable fuel cannister system means we can refuel safely, away from the mower. The LT 9600 mower is easy to transport on a car or box trailer. In fact, it even fits in the back of a landcruiser!”

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