Choose the Voltage that Suits Your Work

AEG’s range of outdoor power equipment is growing faster than blackberries alongside a railway line. Products across the 58V and 18V battery platforms continue to meet and exceed landscapers’ demands with impressive performance figures, features and prices.

For instance, the new AEG 58V Backpack Blower has just landed.

Weighing just 8.6kg, it utilises Vortex Air-Flow technology that pulls in air from multiple directions, keeping noise levels to an extremely low 59dB. Yet it blasts out 700cfm of air at 260kmh!

The double-point harness offers users higher levels of support and comfort. It also has cruise control and a turbo boost button when you need that extra bit of grunt.

Also added to the 58V range is the 26cm Brushcutter, with its high-performance brushless motor that delivers more power and longer runtimes. It comes in a kit with a metal tri-blade, a 4.0Ah battery and charger, as well as a bump feed head that quickly turns it into a line trimmer for lighter work.

What’s more, it’s aluminium split shaft design allows landscapers to break down the unit for transport and storage, or add either an articulating hedge trimmer or pole pruner.

This combination of brushcutter, line trimmer, and optional attachments, gives landscapers added versatility without having to shell out for additional skins, batteries or kits.

Over in the 18V range (running off the same battery platform as your AEG power tools) is the 2 x 18V (36V) 18” FUSION Lawn Mower.

A major advantage of the 36V FUSION brushless motor is that it senses when you need higher performance through its load-sensing technology, giving the mower more grunt on demand. It has three cutting modes – catch, mulch or side throw. It also offers a wide range of cutting heights from 18-75mm for that desired finish.

Being battery-powered, it’s quieter for early starts and because there’s no fuel or oil to spill, it can be stored or transported vertically (the steel handles fold down) and almost no maintenance needed on an ongoing basis.

Another tool in the ever-growing and increasingly popular 18V range is the Brushless Line Trimmer. It features a rear-mounted outer rotor motor that provides greater tool balance and maximum torque for tough applications.

Two speed settings with variable speed trigger control give you the flexibility to  match the speed to the application. Its aluminium split-shaft design is light weight, durable and compact to store. It’s easy-wind, bump head design distributes line quickly and replenishment is simple. Machine-cut gears reduce vibration and fatigue.

A great addition to the 18V range is the market-leading Jet Blower with 465CFM air volume and 200kmh air speed. This blower is designed for moving large piles of dried leaves or blowing mulch back into garden beds.

So, you see, there are plenty of reasons to explore the 18V range along with the offerings in 58V.

All AEG tools come with a 6-year repair warranty, once you register them online.

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