Landscape Contractor Magazine’s chippers and shredders special feature!

Landscape Contractor Magazine’s May/June issue will shine a spotlight on these efficient and cost-effective property-maintenance and clearance machines.

When it’s time move green waste there’s nothing like a chipper to reduce the size of the load and make the material manageable.

From the smaller DIY models through to the towable work units and truck-mounted behemoths, when there’s clearing to be done, a chipper can make the difference between fast, safe, efficient waste disposal and lost time spent dragging offcuts and branches to a vehicle or trailer, there to see even more time lost as the load is tied down and tarped over.

Landscape Contractor Magazine will dedicate a section of its May/June 2024 issue to showing the very best and most efficient chippers and associated equipment available in Australia today, outlining their features and highlighting their benefits to professional landscapers and property managers.

The offer includes:
* 1 x full-page advertisement for the May/June issue of Landscape Contractor Magazine (ad to be supplied)
* 1 x editorial piece in Landscape Contractor Magazine
* Editorial to be written for you by Landscape Contractor Magazine’s editor
* Editorial to appear on the  Landscape Contractor Magazine website and be distributed through Landscape Contractor Magazine‘s eNewsletter and social-media channels.

Expressions of interest close on March 29, 2024.

For more information, please contact:
Arron Reed
Business Development Manager

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