CEA Ring-O-Matic introduces new 275VX Trailer Mounted Vacuum Excavator

Known for their extensive background in trailer mounted vacuum excavators, Ring-O-Matic has now extended their range to include the new 275 VX, offering a high-powered vacuum excavator within a compact and practical design. This new machine provides a 250-gallon (946L) spoil tank, and 600CFM blower, powered by a 31hp Deutz diesel engine.

The 275 VX is the perfect machine for many applications including hydro excavation, locating underground utilities, waste clean-up, municipality use, concrete slurry management, dairy farm clean up, fence post setting, micro-tunnelling, storm drain cleaning, treatment plant cleaning, utility pole setting, and many other tasks.

“The 275 VX is ideal for the Australian market,” said CEA Underground Product Manager, Scott O’Hare. “Given its compact design, its suitable for a large range of applications across commercial and residential spaces, and while its more compact, the 275 VX doesn’t compromise on power making it the perfect choice for those considering the purchase of a trailer mounted vacuum excavator.”

Suitable for truck or trailer mount configurations the 275 VX showcases the diversity of the Ring-O-Matic Vacuum Excavator line up. The machines will be available through CEA on 4.5T ATM trailers, or single skid mount for truck mounting. Powered by a Deutz 31hp engine, the 275 VX offers unmatched performance and reliability, while the heavy-duty frame, large axle capacity and the Roots 600CFM vacuum pump blowers ensure the 275VX is designed to withstand the most rugged conditions.

The compact low profile of the 275 VX provides good visibility for the operator, and stability in rough locations. Fitted with a premium silencer package the 275 VX delivers minimal noise, ideal for applications in densely populated areas.

The 275 VX’s balanced design provides optimum tongue weight reducing wear on the operator’s truck. The machine comes standard with reverse flow providing fast tank emptying, and the ability to blow obstructions out of the vacuum hose and backflush the filters for quick-easy cleaning. The 275 VX is also fitted with a unique single handle door latch design for easier, faster opening and closing.

Key features of the 275 VX include:
• Controls and remotes – The controls located on the front curb side provide easy access with a lockable cabinet and magnetic remote that can extend if operating from a distance is required.
• Water tank – The single water tank is capable of holding 100 gallons (378 litres). The tank also includes a low water shutoff feature. A single water tank provides better reliability, and less maintenance for operators.
• Reverse flow – The 275 VX offers reverse flow standard, which allows you to pressurise the tank for easy offloading, and assists in clearing hose obstructions.
• Rear door – The spoil tank door is mechanically locked with a single lever Spider door locking system, and hydraulically opened. The hydraulic door opens 75 degrees, which provides the industry’s widest opening rear door in its class, ensuring better access for easier cleaning.
• Baghouse filtration – The baghouse filtration that follows the Cyclo-Separator filtration has a washable and reusable filter that is accessed easily to be blown out and cleaned after use.

The first 275 VX trailer mounted vacuum excavators recently arrived in Australia.

To learn more or find out about a demonstration in your local area please contact the team at CEA on 1300 788 757, or visit www.ringomaticcea.com.au

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