Caterpillar B Model Hammer

B Model

Caterpillar introduced its latest range of smaller Cat® B Model hammers to the market a few years ago which are becoming a popular addition to many Cat compact equipment owners setup. These hammers have been designed to complement its existing range of H-series Hammers and are suited for customers looking for a reliable hammer option on jobsites where rock or concrete breaking requirements are more of an occasional requirement than outright production.

To achieve this, Caterpillar designed its B Model range which are compatible with the range of Cat® Next Generation Mini Excavators from 1 tonne to 10 tonnes in machine weight. While this comes with less overall features than the range of Cat H-series hammers, it continues to provide the durability and performance you would expect from Caterpillar.

B Model

Some key aspects of the Cat B Model hammer can be outlined below:

  1. Cat B Model hammers are designed and manufactured to strict Caterpillar standards using many parts commonly used on machine and products produced by the company. This makes accessing repair or replacement parts easier as items are readily available from the world-renowned Caterpillar and Cat dealer parts network.
  2. Cat B Model hammers have 30% to 40% fewer parts than its previous design providing for a reliable and durable hammer with less chance of unscheduled repair.
  3. Cat B Model hammers are performance matched to Caterpillar machines to provide the best overall balance between hammer breaking power and productivity, as well as protect against unnecessary fuel use or excessive engine wear.
  4. Ease of Maintenance I – All B Model hammers can be maintained or recharged on the jobsite. Access to the charging port, testing port and greasing port can all be done without the need to remove the hammer from the machine or remove the head bracket from the hammer.
  5. Ease of Maintenance II – Cat B Model hammers have lower bushings that are field replaceable in around 30 minutes, eliminating one of the major costs experienced with freeze-fitted lower bushings that require special tooling and can generally only be achieved at a workshop.
  6. Ease of Maintenance III – The lower bushing can be rotated 90 degrees to effectively double the life of the bush. This can also be done in the field without need for special tooling.
  7. Silenced Hammers – All Cat silenced hammers are fully enclosed with urethane and nylon isolation mounts to provide maximum possible sound reduction. These are maintenance-free and last the life of the hammer.

Every purchase of a Cat B Model Hammer includes a maintenance toolbox consisting of:

  • Nitrogen charging kit with charging hose.
  • Cat® Hammer Paste.
  • Tool retention and bushing retention spring pins.
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