Can you afford not to protect yourself?

Does your working day include kneeling?

International studies clearly show the high number of knee injuries caused by kneeling. Of the 70,000 registered knee operations performed by the NHS each year in the UK, 60 per cent are due to injuries resulting from soft tissue ‘wear and tear’ or osteoarthritis caused by inadequate protection whilst kneeling (source: NHS Choices).

Tradegear Safety Knee pads offer outstanding support and protection for your knee joints while you work. Knee pads only give protection if worn; they have been ergonomically designed so that you can wear them all day and forget that you have them on – there is no need to be continually taking them on and off.

The outer shell resists abrasions and chemical damage. The closed-cell foam pad won’t absorb moisture and the Air Vent System lets your knee breathe.

Zip clip closures prevent the catching and binding that sometimes characterize Velcro fastenings, while not sacrificing support. The grip strip provides a level, stable base when kneeling.

They’re comfortable, designed to be worn for hours at a time. In addition to all these benefits, the knee pads are economical because one set will last for years, even in extreme trade environments.


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