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Words / Jake D. Frost for Landscape Contractor Magazine

In landscaping you often need a machine with some extra grunt and power, yet at the same time it needs to be compact and mobile so you can get in and out. For this type of lightweight construction-style equipment, the Hoppt range has some of the best options out there.

Hoppt was only properly introduced to the Australian market less than three years ago, although the brand has a rich history spanning more than four decades. Originating in Singapore in 1975, Hoppt started in the business of machining. Soon after their inception they released their first concrete vibrators and plate compactors. This is where they really found their calling, and by the ’90s they had expanded with a major manufacturing plant in Shanghai, China, which produced a full range of light construction equipment that was being shipped internationally.

“Our products are now sold in 90 countries throughout the world,” said Hoppt Australia National Sales Manager Russell Bourne, further clarifying the brand’s growth and dominance.

It took a while for Hoppt to officially land Down Under, having only set-up shop in 2013, but in that short space of time they have established distributor bases and specialist dealerships in all major states. Hoppt Australia also has the exclusive rights to supply all of New Zealand and the Pacific region. Their head office is in Heathcote, just south of Sydney, where a tight team of six help run the show. This is led by Peter Evans who has a wealth of knowledge with 25 years of experience in the construction equipment industry. “Pete is the Managing Director; he’s the driving force behind the business,” Russell commented, commending his boss.

So let’s get down to business, the Hoppt business of light construction equipment. Their Australian product line-up consists of a broad selection of power trowels, rollers, rammers, plate compactors, concrete vibrators, cutters, grinders, pumps and more. “Landscaping is a bit of a niche for us,” admitted Russell. “We mainly target civil construction and concreters – everyone from independent tradies through to large construction firms, including councils who use our stuff.”

Despite this focus, as you dig deeper into the Hoppt arsenal the benefits of their products for landscapers becomes more and more obvious. “From a landscaping point of view, we have a machine called the Terrain Loader, which is a petrol-powered, motorised wheelbarrow,” Russell introduced their first weapon of choice. And what a machine: able to carry up to 350kg loads in either two or four wheel drive mode, this heavy-duty bad boy can handle the roughest Aussie environment.

“Landscapers also use a range of our compaction equipment including a variety of forward plate compactors and tamping rammers,” Russell went on to say. “And then we’ve got a paver compactor, which, instead of using an iron plate at the bottom, it has four rubber rollers. That’s a specialist machine for landscapers who do paving.”

And as many LCM readers will know, Hoppt also recently released a new range of reversible plate compactors, which are a godsend. “The smaller forward plate compactors that go up to 90kg are easy enough to manhandle and move manually,” explained Russell. “The larger reversible range, from 150kg up to 400kg, you can drive in all directions.” Ideal for compacting soil and gravel in tight spaces, each model travels at 22m per minute, providing consistent operation and compression results. The speed and compaction depth is continuously adjusted thanks to the hydraulic servo-control, resulting in a smooth ride in all directions.

Technically speaking, all Hoppt machines are second-to-none. From state-of-the-art safety features and anti-vibration technology, through to ergonomic designs with low maintenance and full portability considerations, when you find a Hoppt product to suit your needs, you know it’s guaranteed to do the job well, and for a long time. Backing that are the Honda petrol-powered engines, which maintain the very best in fuel consumption, performance levels and noise reduction.

Even though Hoppt Australia gains many advantages by being part of the larger global force that has extensive history in the marketplace, the young Aussie division likes to stand independently and really take care of their own. “We’re in constant communication with product development in the factory,” Russell continued, “other than that we tend to run our own thing. We’re a local business and we back up our gear. We’re really passionate about our customer support. It’s not just about sales; we want total user satisfaction and strive for happy, long-term customers by providing the best quality product and continued aftermarket service. We back it up; we hold all the parts for warranty and do all the professional servicing here.”

A progressive company that’s always looking to improve on its robust stable of equipment, Hoppt continues to make a mark on the scene and build on its impressive reputation. “Over the last couple of years,” Russell concluded, “we’ve identified a few gaps in the market and have offered some new models: different engine sizes and the introduction of the petrol powered reversible plate compactor. We’ve got some new machines and also a 2.8-tonne ride-on roller.”

Providing cost-effective and labour-saving solutions for a wide variety of landscaping applications, Hoppt’s consistent and reliable performance is backed by a solid two-year warranty on all their models. Without dropping a “Hoppt to it” cliché, you should really do yourself a favour and check out their range.

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