Bushranger Spartan

Growing season is in its prime which means you will need quality gear to help you get through your daily to do list. The Bushranger Spartan range has all your mowing needs covered. With a range to cater for the smaller property owners through to commercial landscapers and close to 250 dealers nationwide, you’ll knock over any job with ease, and in style.

The Bushranger Spartan Zero-Turn range is the definition of quality and innovation. These units are real head turners! Starting from their sleek design, all units have been developed with the users’ needs forefront in the mind. They look the part but also have great features such as the electronic keypad spanning across the whole range. The keypad design boasts great anti-theft features; the keyless starting being the main element that stands out in the crowd and increases security. Simply start the unit with a 4-digit pin code of your choosing. It also features a soft start blade engagement, tachometer, and programmable service intervals. The range also offers a smooth and comfortable ride, sturdy deck, and boasts a superior overall build all backed by powerful and reliable Kawasaki engines.

Let’s talk units. If you are a homeowner with smaller acreage to maintain, the RZ-C range presents a compact solution with big results. It also offers the smallest deck size within the whole Spartan range of 42” (also has a 54” on offering). Ideal for the user with a smaller trailer, smaller storage space and smaller jobs, but don’t be deceived these units aren’t shy of hard work. Made from the same DNA as our larger zero turns, including a 11 gauge steel fabricated deep deck, and premium Kawasaki V-Twin engine, TUFF TORQ transaxles plus loads more; you’ll rest easyknowing you’re getting top quality and bang for your buck!

If the RZ-C is not quite what you are looking for and have some serious mowing to do then there is a range of Bushranger Spartan zero turns to fit your needs culminating in the premium SRTXD range.

The SRTXD epitomises the crème of the crop in zero-turn mowers, jam-packed with first-class, premium features.

This range is backed by an epic Kawasaki FX1000V or FX1000V EFI engine, smart ride technology package, an Elastomer TecsPak, huge tyres, advanced frame deck and choice of 61” or 72” decks – you’ll have heads turning with this one-of-a-kind range.

With the range offering a shed-load of more products, consider supporting locally owned and operated by checking out the whole Bushranger Power Equipment range and see what else can help you day in and day out.

For further information on the Bushranger Spartan range or any other Bushranger product, or to find your local dealer, head over to www.bushrangerpe.com.au

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