Bushranger Commercial – New Products

For those of you that are not aware, Bushranger is a brand of Roy Gripske and Sons, a proud Australian family owned and operated business that is committed to supporting dealers who are active in their local communities throughout Australia, and they have done so for almost 40 years. So, when you buy a Bushranger product, you know that your machine is locally supported for parts and servicing.

Bushranger continues to deliver for the landscape contractor by adding an additional three new products to its commercial range recently. The L361 Line Trimmer, also available in the Bull Handle version as the BC361, and the TPS261 Telescopic Polesaw have joined the family. These are all made in Japan by Maruyama and represent a perfect balance of reliability, usability and power. Combine this with great local support from an extensive dealer network, these Bushranger units would be the envy of any contractor’s kit!

So, to talk about the trimmers, the L361 and BC361’s 35.5cc, 1.4kW Maruyama engine has a power to weight ratio that would make anyone’s eyes water! With Bushranger’s signature chrome impregnated cylinder liners, common to the entire contractor range of product, you can be assured that these units will be with you for the long haul. A solid steel 8mm drive shaft ensures that all the power the engine can muster is available to you at the cutting head.

These units are perfect for those contractors that are exposed to a variety of trimming and brushcutting conditions and are as happy tackling long grass or small shrubs (both trimmers are blade capable as you would expect) as they are finishing garden or path edges or light trimming on domestic jobs.

As for the Telescopic Polesaw, this unit is designed to get to those places you don’t really want to go yourself and reduces the need for ladders when trimming larger trees. The extended reach of this saw is approximately 5.5m or 18 feet in the old scale! With a 25.4cc Maruyama commercial 2-stroke engine, this machine comes with the power and reliability you can expect from any precision engineered and manufactured product.

The business end is fitted with a 10” Guide Bar with 3/8” LP chain and automatic bar oil pump. The lightweight aluminium shaft provides both the rigidity and usability that any commercial operator should expect and the rubber grip on the shaft provides both comfort and superior grip for the ultimate control.

All Bushranger commercial units are backed by a 2-year commercial warranty for your peace of mind. So, before you buy your next piece of outdoor power equipment be sure to consider supporting locally owned and operated by reviewing what Bushranger Power Equipment can deliver for your business.

For details of these and other Bushranger machines, or to find your nearest dealer, head over to www.bushrangerpe.com.au

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