Burnley Green Roof Plant Guide available free online

The new Burnley Green Roof Plant Guide has just been published and provides proven plant palettes for flourishing Australian green roofs.

Based on over 15-years’ of research and plant trials at the University of Melbourne’s Burnley campus, the guide outlines plant combinations that can be used on a range of different green roof types to maximise the benefits of urban greening.

The guide is aimed at urban gardeners and landscapers in mind and gives a focussed approach to setting up rooftop gardens. The free guide accounts for warmer conditions in the wake of climate change, with drought-tolerant succulents, robust perennials and spectacular flowering annuals included

15 years of research and plant trials went into preparing the guide, which images of 180 plants for different green-roof types, ranging from shallow, lightweight systems for stormwater benefits, through to more complex green roofs for amenity and wellbeing. Case studies of notable green roofs, including Victoria’s Parliament House, Sky Park in Melbourne Quarter and a rooftop urban farm are also included.

The Burnley Green Roof Plant Guide is free and can be downloaded here.

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