Branding update for Kanga Loaders

Kanga Loaders, the leading Australian manufacturer of stand on mini loaders, announced that it has completed a major rebranding, the first in over 20 years.

Kanga Loaders invented the mini loader on the Gold Coast back in 1981 and during that time has undertaken several identity changes. The latest being a name change to “Kanga Loaders” back in the late 90s. The logo and machine branding had remained relatively unchanged since then.

“It was important to us that we embraced Kanga’s rich 40-year history and respected our heritage,” said Rod Lehpamer, Kanga General Manager. “We didn’t want the new logo to stray too far from the original design, which has served the brand so well over the years,” he continued.

With technology moving ahead so quickly, the modernised logo will better reflect the exciting future ahead for Kanga Loaders as they embrace the latest trends. In addition to the logo change, Kanga Loaders will be updating machine branding as well as upgrading all safety decals to ISO standard.

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