Boxer700HDX Diesel Skid Steer

If you’re looking to reduce labour costs and maximise efficiencies when handling materials on site, along with a long list of other tasks that previously chewed up your time and money, Morbark has an affordable and impressive solution.

The Boxer 700HDX Skid Steer is a compact utility loader set to change the way you go about your labour-intensive tasks.

If you are a landscaper, plumber, builder or professional in any trade that involves labour-intensive material handling and loading of materials, who wants to get the job done as efficiently as possible, the 700HDX provides all the power you need for extremely demanding jobs.


When access onsite is tricky, the unique expandable undercarriage retracts to 88cm and then opens up again to 111cm for stability when in operation, making that backyard side passageway easy to access where other, larger machines simply wouldn’t fit through. So put that dodgy old wheelbarrow away and get the job done right with speed and efficiency.

Power and Performance

This machine is surprisingly nimble on the ground and the 24.8hp Kubota diesel engine supplies more than enough power. There is ample hydraulic flow with 43/33 L/min combining to give you all the muscle you need when it counts.


The 700HDX has great new features, including a platform that soaks up a lot of bounce and movement when operating, which removes stress from the knees and calves, as well as making you feel more secure when operating. There are several padded areas that have been placed in just the right spots to ensure added user comfort. The hydrostatic drive, piloted joystick controls, rubber-isolated engine, hydraulic components and tightened boom tolerances all add up to a significantly improved experience.

For this test drive I visited my good mates down at Active Tree Services where I knew I would be able to see what the Boxer 700HDX Skid Steer could do. Onsite there was a pile of mulch, branches and solid sections of chopped up tree trunks that had been dropped off throughout the morning. Everything I needed to test the power and performance of the Boxer was right there.


Impressive Ground Speed With Great Access

Within minutes I was manoeuvring at pace around the site (max speed 7.2km p/h) and using the brush grapple to move solid sections of cut tree trunks on site. The operating capacity of the 700HDX is 320kg, which is an impressive amount given the size of the machine. Even when using the attachment to push significantly heavier sections of tree trunks, it pushed and pulled surprisingly well. I dialled into the machine within 5 to 10 minutes and made short work of a pile of tree sections within 15 minutes. The brush grapple had plenty of bite and gripped the heavier sections extremely well. The thick boom arms are built tough, and the universal attachment plate made it very quick and easy to swap over attachments.

The next attachment in line for me to test was the 4-n-1 multi-purpose bucket. I was backfilling, levelling and moving good amounts of material effortlessly in great time. The Boxer 700HDX Skid Steer is a true workhorse.

Other standout features are the cooling system and fan, which are located in front of the operator’s position at the back of the machine and because it’s a suck (not blow) system it won’t blow hot air on the operator’s legs. The location stops dust from being sucked into the engine. There are also two front and two rear tie-down points, which are a handy addition.


The rubber undercarriage track width is 230mm, which provides suitable grip and traction even in sloppy, muddy conditions. Weighing in at 1295kg (no attachment) this machine is a perfect option for those trying to get through more challenging tasks significantly quicker than manual labour.

With more than 50 attachments available, from buckets to augers and forks, you will find the right attachment to suit practically any task for on-the-job flexibility and bottom line performance. As with all skid steers you do have to be a little careful not to overload and forward tip the machine, but with experience and common sense you will find this machine outperforms similar more expensive machines.

My overall opinion of the Boxer 700HDX Skid Steer is that its handling and performance are superior to other skid steers I have used in the past. The controls and power are both smooth and powerful, without being overly sensitive with the movement that comes from operating the machine.

Its dual hydrostatic hydraulic system’s overall power and lifting capabilities are impressive, and for the price, the Boxer 700HDX Skid Steer is a cost-effective addition to any business looking to enhance their productivity.

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