Boxer Equipment

Boxer® Equipment, manufactured by Morbark®, is the source for compact utility equipment up to 48hp (36kW) and 3600 pounds (1631kg).

Boxer Equipment produces the new 120 dedicated trencher as well as the lightweight yet heavy-duty 300, 500 and forthcoming 900 series of compact utility loaders, which are built to handle a full complement of more than 50 universal compact utility attachments. These machines generate an impressive amount of hydraulic power to lift more, move more and dig faster than any other product on the market.

The Boxer’s standard quick-attach system enables the user to quickly and easily switch from a bucket to forks to auger or other tools for optimum on-the-job flexibility and bottom-line performance. The choice of contractors and rental organisations, the Boxer is one of the most versatile, reliable and productive mini-skid steers in the world.

The 120 Trencher

The completely restyled and redesigned Boxer 120 Trencher takes gasoline-powered compact trenching equipment to the next level, boasting up to 740 ft-lbs (1003Nm) of torque output for ample power in the toughest digging conditions.

The 120 Trencher features many class-leading characteristics not found on competitive units. The 120 Trencher is the only unit in its class to feature a spring-loaded trencher boom and standard crumber assembly. The spring-loaded boom helps retain even chain tension and allows for roots, rocks and debris travelling around the end roller. It is designed to compress, removing much of the stress to the head shaft and reducing chain wear. The adjustable crumber assembly keeps loose dirt in the trench close to the chain for a cleaner finished trench.

The 120 Trencher’s gear reduction planetary trencher drive provides a class-leading 740 ft-lbs (1003 Nm) of torque to the trencher head, allowing operators more power for the most demanding trenching applications and eliminates side load directly on the motor shaft.  Another key feature is the ergonomically designed operator’s control station with all controls accessible for two-hand operation.

The 120 Trencher is offered with a 6 inch (15cm) wide combo chain and 24 inch (61cm) or 36 inch (91 cm) bar options.

The 320 and 322D

The 300 Series is Boxer’s smallest entry into the mini-skid market. The small but powerful Boxer 320 and 322D can handle ‘big machine’ tasks while providing ease of access as a result of the smaller footprint. Because of its small size and ease of operation, the 300 Series units are ideal for the rental and hire industry. The tandem pump hydraulic operating system develops up to 12.4GPM (47 litres/min) of hydraulic flow to run the machine’s auxiliary and propulsion systems, providing enough power to handle full-size attachments like a 30-inch (76 cm) auger or 36-inch (91cm) trencher. The 300 Series has a tip capacity as high as 1325lbs. (600kg) and an operating capacity as high as 464lbs. (210kg) at 35 per cent tip load. These compact machines provide the strength to perform a variety of tasks, and, at 34.5-inch (88cm) wide, the 320 and 322D diesel have no problems getting into and out of tight areas.

The 525DX

The Boxer 525DX compact utility loader is Boxer’s solution to meet federal government Tier 4 Final EPA emission regulations for diesel engines – replacing the Boxer 532DX. The 525DX features a redesigned hydraulic package, providing smoother drive controls and improved simultaneous functionality. Additionally, the Boxer 525DX features improved protection of the radiator and hydraulic oil cooler components – a push-button machine pressure relief valve to easily couple hydraulic-powered attachments to the high-flow auxiliary remote couplers and increased track adjustment length to extend usable track life.

Unique to the Boxer 500 series, the variable track widening system allows the Boxer 500 series to fit through a 36-inch (91cm) gate with the simple push or pull of a hydraulic lever. Narrow the unit to fit through tight areas and expand the tracks for additional stability.

The 950HD – coming soon!

Designed from the ground up, the 950HD will include many class-leading features previously found only on full-size skid-steer models.

The 950HD features the industry’s highest hinge pin height, allowing it to easily dump over a 6′ (1.8m) side wall; class-leading 48hp (36kW) Tier 4 Final diesel engine with Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) that does not require after treatment; advanced electronic display with onboard diagnostic capabilities; multiple mode settings, allowing the operator to tailor the machine to the application; and two joystick operation patterns. The hydraulics package features a hydrostatic drive with 15GPM (57 litres/min) flow and dual auxiliary remotes with machine pressure relief blocks on each set of auxiliaries. The machine also features a hydrostatic operating system, improved ergonomics and creature comforts such as operator hip and thigh padding, cup holder and 12-volt auxiliary power supply.

The X7 Chipper

Designed primarily for the rental market and small independent contractors, the 7-inch (18cm) capacity Boxer X7 is engineered to be easy to use, easy to tow and easy to maintain.

The X7’s ‘easy 1-2-3 operation’ allows an operator – after becoming familiar with the safety features and requirements of the machine – to simply start the engine, engage the throttle to full RPM and engage the feed control bar to chip.

The simplified design of this chipper in no way reduces its productivity. The X7 is a powerful, aggressive chipper. It features a larger diameter chipping disc and greater material pulling and clamping force than others on the market to quickly and easily power through material.

With limited moving parts, bearings and hoses, as well as other maintenance-friendly features, the X7 chipper makes maintenance simple, for faster turnaround times and greater productivity. The X7’s compact and lightweight design makes towing a breeze, while the machine’s wide stance promotes visibility on the road.

In addition to the four-position control bar and dual safety pull cables, the X7 is compatible with Morbark’s award-winning ChipSafe® Operator Safety Shield.

For more information, please contact your local Boxer dealer, call toll-free at 800.831.0042 or visit online at

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