Boxer Equipment Is Made For More!

Whether you call it a compact tool carrier, compact utility loader or mini-skid steer, these machines – the foundation of Boxer’s product lines – are quickly growing into a tool contractor cannot work without.

Built to handle a full complement of more than 50 universal attachments, their ability to access hard-to-reach areas, minimal ground disturbance and expanding capabilities make a compact utility loader a great option for industry professionals.

Versatility For Every Job!

The Boxer’s standard quick-attach system enables you to quickly and easily switch from a bucket to forks to auger or other tools for optimum on-the-job flexibility and bottom-line performance. All Boxer units boast an integrated, push-button machine pressure relief block to reduce residual pressure on the machine to allow easier attachment of hydraulic-powered attachments. This allows one key piece of equipment to perform many tasks in a multi-step project — such as breaking up existing concrete, hauling away the debris, levelling the ground, planting trees and shrubs and laying sod — all with the simple changing of attachments!

Some of the more popular attachments include trenchers, general purpose buckets, 4-in-1 buckets, auger power heads and bits, carry-all-levelers, landscape power rakes, tillers, rotary brooms, concrete breakers, mulch buckets, tree forks, backhoes, brush grapples, pallet forks, sod layers and many more!


Safety, Productivity, And Business Opportunities!

Developed to reduce hand labour, the Boxer is lightweight yet heavy-duty and generates an impressive amount of hydraulic power to lift more, move more and dig faster than any other product on the market.

With less manual labour, your staff has reduced risk of physical strain and injuries while completing the job faster. The Boxer allows you to assign fewer workers to each project, increasing your bottom line, and possibly take on more projects in the same timeframe. Boxer’s website has a handy calculator to determine how quickly your Boxer will pay for itself. Check it out at labor-savings-calculator/.

All Boxer mini skid steers – from the 320 to the 700HDX – provide 360-degree visibility of the work area for optimal operator safety. A spring-cushioned ride-on platform provides improved ergonomics and attachment visibility for safer, more comfortable operation with less fatigue.

Boxer also offers the X7 brush chipper, which allows you to expand your business into basic tree care.

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